Bacalaitos – Codfish Fritters Recipe! 

Here is a delicious Codfish Fritter recipe! You guys have to check it out!

I will definitely be trying out this recipe very soon! 😁

Lithuanian in the USA

Today I wanted something made from fish, something simple and quick to prepare. And yet, I wanted to try something new. Fortunately, bacalaitos met all today’s wishes. Bacalaitos are extremely popular in the Caribbean Islands. Of course, each island has its own fish fritters recipe. I’ve tried the Dominican version.

I accidentally found this fish fritters recipe in one Dominican cuisine blog. As soon as I saw the recipe, I decided to try the delicious looking fish fritters. Usually, bacalaitos are made from salted boiled cod, but since I didn’t find salted cod, I decided, that the fritters should be really delicious even from unsalted fish. So, I changed the recipe a little bit by myself. The fritters came out really delicious, that’s why I really suggest to try them and diversify your snacks or lunch/dinner menu. Bacalaitos are delicious not only hot, but also cold, and go very…

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