If You Love Muffins!…

If you’re a fan of Banana Nut Muffins, I’ll be glad to bake some for you!

I also make Omelette Style Egg Muffins which are good for those who want a healthy quick meal on the go!

If you’re in the NYC area and are interested in these yummy muffins, just let me know! 😊

Bakery Next Door! 

I lived in Rota, Spain until I was about 5 years old. 
My family and I attended church on Sundays which was located in this huge building that kind of resembled a warehouse.

A few times, I remember smelling freshly cooked bread! Turns out there was a bakery right next door to our church! 

The scent was so wonderful and I can still smell it now as I’m writing this! Unfortunately, I don’t remember us ever buying anything from the bakery for some reason! That’s a bummer right?! Ugh! 

Just thought I’d share this little story with you all! =)

Photo: Pexels.com