Chillin By The Beach!

Even though it’s Fall season, the weather here in Virginia Beach has been warmer than expected! Because of that, I’ve been able to enjoy the beautiful warm and breezy weather by hanging out at the beach!

There is an area near the end of the boardwalk where they have a fishing spot. It was so many people out there so this must be fishing season lol. I was just sitting on the bench with hubby enjoying the warm weather and taking in the beautiful scenery around me!

My Memorial Day Weekend!

Hey everyone! I know it’s late but I wanted to share with you what I did this holiday weekend.

My husband and I was able to ride the Surey bikes on the boardwalk. These bikes have multiple seats so the whole family can ride along while enjoying the beautiful views of the beach!

We went to hang out on the beach on Saturday which was a beautiful day! The sun was shining with a nice breeze flowing! I didn’t go all the way in the water but just enough to get my feet wet!

We were able to stop by Waffle House too! They are all over the place down here! There’s almost a Waffle House on every corner haha!

Some of my in laws live in VA Beach so we had a BBQ on Sunday. We had good food, drinks, and played a few games!

After all the fun I had, I didn’t want to go back home! Plus I love being at the beach haha! Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial weekend as much as I did! 😊