His Creations

His creations are like no other.

The variety of birds flying around in the atomesphere.

The different temperatures that come with each season.

The sky filled with shades of pink, orange, and purple all in one!

So amazing. We live in a beautiful world.

Daily Prompt – Pink

Photo: Pexels.com


One day I was sitting in the car letting it warm up before leaving for work. I was observing my surroundings and I heard a bunch of birds screeching. Then at one point, I saw a swarm of birds flying together to different trees or flying away to another area. I saw a few birds on the ground poking around for food too.

I’m thinking, “These birds are really freaking out!” Then I remembered that a few days before, there were warmer temperatures, and the day of, it was a drastic change in temperature where it was super cold! And mind you, this occurred sometime in November. The birds were tripping out because they were thrown off by the change in weather. They were trying to gather food and prepare for the winter season.

I felt bad for those poor little birds! I wonder what was going through their minds.

What happens to the other animals in crisis that depend on the weather to notify them to do the things they need to do in order to survive the upcoming seasons? Hmm…

Daily Prompt – Swarm