Birthday Fun!

So if you missed my previous post, yesterday was my birthday! 9/22!

I honestly didn’t want to do anything too big so I kept it very simple.

My hubby and I decided to go to this local skating rink. We haven’t been skating in so long so it was like nostalgia for me plus a good workout! Haha!

Later in the day, my family organized a catered dinner and ordered from the Mediterranean restaurant called Baladi.

They ordered falafel, chicken and beef wraps, chicken kebabs, and muhammarah!

When I tell you everything was delicious, OMG I came back for seconds and thirds! Lol. I normally don’t eat Mediterranean food but I am open to trying new dishes and this spot gets 10 stars from me! They did not disappoint!

They also ordered me a specialty cake from “Nothing But Bundt Cakes” with a white chocolate raspberry flavored cake! Mannn the whole night, I was saying that this cake was absolutely amazing! No lie I had 3 pieces, that’s how awesome it was!

I have to say a had a great birthday and I am grateful for my family for making it such a special day!

My Birthday!

People always ask if you feel different when you hit a milestone birthday but I feel the same exact way as I did yesterday! Lol

From graduating from Penn State University, moving to NYC with my hubby, having authentic experiences as a true New Yorker both good and bad, starting my spiritual journey to enlightenment, building great friendships along the way, moving back home to Southern Virginia (which was one of my birthday wishes!) and everything in between, I have to say that I’ve had a lot of awesome experiences in my 20s!

I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future! =)

Surprise Birthday in Buffalo NY!

My husband and I spent the weekend in Buffalo NY for our friend’s surprise 30th birthday and his dad’s birthday as well! Both our friend Jack and his dad were surprised! The party was great and we all had a good time!

Saturday, we went to a nice restaurant for lunch called Woodcock Brothers Brewing Company. They make their own beer and serve food as well! I ordered a Niagara Lager for my beer. I also ordered a Magarita pizza and added pepperoni and mushrooms. It was the bomb!

Then we headed to Becker Farms for a little beer and cider tasting! The farm also had a petting zoo, live music, freshly made donuts, and a variety of beer and ciders to choose from!

I decided to get the Concord House Hard Cider. It almost tasted just like Welch’s Grape juice but had a little kick to it!

I have to say that this weekend was one of the best weekends that I’ve had in a long time! =)

My Birthday Weekend!

Friday I had some friends over for dinner. I’ve been trying to invite them over for dinner for the longest time and this day happened to be when we were all available.

I cooked shrimp and veggie pasta with garlic bread along with a herb infused oil dipping sauce! Everything turned out so delicious that everyone went back for seconds!

We also have a large dining room table that converts into a ping ping and pool table so we played a few games too!

They bought me beautiful flowers and a nice card! 😊

Saturday is my actual birthday so my husband took me to one of my favorite restaurants called Tomo! I actually wrote a post about the first time I went.

We ordered Seafood Bisque, Fried Calamari Rings, Beef Rolls, Dinosaur roll, Fantastic roll, Manhattan roll, and a Godzilla roll!

OMG the food was amazing! This definitely my favorite place to go for sushi!!!

My husband also surprised me with NFL tickets to my first ever Pittsburgh Steelers game! I’m a big Steelers fan and have been dying to go to one of their games for the longest time now! I was not expecting to receive this as a gift so I was super excited!

I have to say that I really had a great birthday weekend! I thank God for another year of life! I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 😁

These Last 5 Days Were Crazy Busy! Here’s What Happened…


I found out last Sunday that my first cousin passed away. Our family lives in Pennsylvania in a small town outside of Pittsburgh so we left NYC Wednesday after work. This is when the Nor’easter was starting so I couldn’t even see the roads because they were covered with snow! But the drive was doable for me, I just drove slow and carefully.

We hit New Jersey and out of nowhere we come to a complete standstill in traffic. All lanes are not moving one bit. So one hour passes. Two hours pass. 3 hours… We ended up being stuck in standstill traffic for about 5 hours folks! My husband and I were so annoyed! The reason for the traffic was because 2 semi trucks were jackknifed and blocking the highway! Ugh! The police FINALLY came and had everyone exit the highway because they closed it down. Just wondering why the police didn’t come sooner to help =/

It was about 10:30pm when we were exiting the highway. We wanted to get a hotel for the night and pick up where we left off the next morning. But all the hotels that were in the area were booked to full capacity! Great =/ Then we decided the best thing to do is turn around and go back to NYC and leave in the morning since we were about 45 minutes away. The road that had the hotels was off of a 2 lane road. We were driving on the lane that was plowed near the hotels. We were driving to the end of that lane to merge onto the 2 lane road and as we’re driving, there are 3 plow trucks behind each other plowing the remaning snow from those 2 lanes. So as we’re approaching the end of the lane we were in, the plow trucks ended up plowing the snow into the lane we were in so now we’re stuck! My car is low to the ground so there’s no way my car could get over that pile of snow. We didn’t have a shovel either! Ugh! So we tried reversing to get out of the lane but then there were 2 cars behind us that got stuck in the snow! A regular truck with a plow came to help and we were able to finally get out and drive back to NYC! Woo! That all happened on Wednesday!


Thursday morning we got back on the road and the roads were clear but for some reason they were still a few accidents on the highway here and there. But that’s better than being stuck in traffic for almost 5 hours again! We eventually made it to Ohio (where my parents and sister live).

For dinner, we ended up discovering this hidden bar/restaurant called Krakatoa! We absolutely loved it! Check out my previous blog and read all about it!

Krakatoa Restaurant and Bar!


Friday was my cousin’s funeral in the morning and the church was jam packed. He had a great impact on the lives of many and he will always be remembered…

My mom is a dance teacher and she had the opportunity to direct and choreograph Hairspray, a high school musical in New Castle, PA. OMG you guys, the musical was great! The whole cast did a really good job and I’m proud of my mom for being successful at choreographing her first musical! She was so impressive, that the Head Director asked her to come back again to direct the musical for next year! Go Mom!


Saturday morning, my sis and I made breakfast for the family. It was nice to be able to sit down and catch up!

My baby cousin also had her 4th birthday party which was art themed! My cousin planned and coordinated it all and it turned out really nice! My husband and I joined the fun and painted a picture of our own too! It was fun! It was so nice to be able to see my family again because I don’t get to see that side of the family very often since they live so far.

We left to go back to NYC on Saturday after the birthday party. Also, my brother in law and his family are moving to VA Beach at the end of the month so their going away party was Saturday night! As soon as we arrived in NYC, we dropped off our bags at home and went straight to the going away party at Maggie Spillanies Bar! That was a fun time! My husband and I danced the night away! We had so much fun that we didn’t leave until 4 in the morning! And remember it was daylight savings time so we lost an hour of sleep!


My mother in law had a family gathering at her house for my brother n law’s farewell and for all the March birthdays that we have in the family which is quite a few! I was so exhausted and doing my best not to fall asleep during mid conversation! haha! Life keeps us all busy and it sometimes hard for everyone to get together. So it was nice to see my in laws that I haven’t seen in a while. We all had a great time!

As you can see, I had an eventful 5 days! I’m just glad it’s all over and done with! Has anyone ever been this busy before!? LOL

Night Out In Brooklyn!

I went out to Brooklyn to this nice lounge called Dean Cafe Bar for my uncle’s birthday.

The atomesphere was very chill and they decor was very unique, with a rustic feel to it! I loved it! Check out their Instagram for more pictures! Dean Cafe Bar Instagram

There was a mixed crowd of ages and cultures! The staff was very attentive and friendly too! We all had a good time! I would definitely recommend coming here! 

*if you do visit this bar, there are actually 2 Dean Bars so make sure it’s the one on 951 Dean Street.  (We went to the wrong one at first lol) 

Here are a few pictures from the night!

The Santiagos ❤️

The birthday guy!


Cool street art near the bar!

More street art!

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Fun Filled Birthday Weekend! 


Friday was my actual Birthday! Woohoo! And the first day of Fall! 
My husband took me to the Botanical Gardens for the first time! 


We ate at a lovely Indian Restaurant called Chutney Masala! OMG that food was extremely delicious! Everything was so flavorful!

Sweet and spicy shrimp in mango sauce with naan bread and dipping sauces. The shrimp were so juicy and filled with so much flavor!
Chicken tikkas braised in fengugreek scented in tomato cream sauce and coconut flavored chicken curry, tempered fennel and curry leaves with garlic flavored naan! Both dishes were absolutely amazing!


After dinner,  we headed to the movie theater to see Kingsman 2 which was a pretty good movie! The first Kingsman was crazy good too! 
I have to say that I truly enjoyed my birthday! ✨ 

Another blog will follow to share the rest of this weekend’s events! So stay tuned! 😁

My Birthday Today! 🎉

You guys today is my birthday! 🎉 

It definitely doesn’t feel like it! Sometimes I even forget how old I am haha!

My coworkers were nice enough to get me a cake yesterday since I’m not coming in today 😁
It was an Oreo cake which was super delicious by the way! I had to hold myself back from eating the whole cake! 😄

I’m so blessed to see another year! A lot of good things have been happening for me and there are more to come! I can only thank God for the progress that I’ve made! 😊

Hola Mi Gentes! (Spanish/English Post)

Hola mi gentes! Cómo ustedes estan? Yo estoy bien hoy! 

Aquí estan mis metas despues del trabajo: 

1. Terminaré los planes para el fiesta de cumpleaños de mi marido. Él tiene treinte años en Junio de 30.

2. Compraré los regalos para mi marido.

3. Iré a la centro comerical a comprar un vestido para una fiesta en Sabado.

4. Leeré un libro de inspirador 

5. Me relajaré antes de yo voy duermo 

Qué están sus planes para el día?! 


Hello my people! How are you guys doing today! I am doing good!

Here are my plans after work:

1. Finish plans for my husband’s birthday party. He is turning 30 on June 30th.

2. Buy gifts for my husband. 

3. Go to the mall and buy a dress for a party on Saturday.

4. Read an inspirational book. 

5. Relax before I go to sleep. 

What are your plans for the day?!