5 Common Winter Health Problems And Their Solutions! Part 3 – *Asthma Attacks*

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory illnesses in the United States, and one common trigger becomes more prevalent in winter.


If you have asthma and intend on spending time outdoors, be sure to cover your nose and mouth with a scarf to keep from breathing in the cold, dry air.

Drink caffeinated black or green tea or coffee to help open your airways. Caffeine has the ability to improve breathing function and can help with an asthma attack when you don’t have your inhaler with you.

Source: Home Remedies For Asthma Attacks

Image: cloudcreatorsejuice.com

Hint for Part 4: someone can experience mood changes which can cause this seasonal disorder! Hmm what could it be? 🤔

Did You Know?!

We all know that Tea is for drinking and soothing!

But did you know tea can also be used to treat dark circles under your eyes?! Yes it’s true!

Green, Black, or White Tea is helpful with helping reduce dark circles! This is a great treatment because it’s easy to buy and is super inexpensive compared to those undereye creams out there! 

Click the link below to get more details and directions! 

How To Use Tea Bags For Dark Circles
Daily Prompt – Tea