Festivity overwhelming the boulevards.

Vibrant outfits of purple, gold, and green.

They don’t hesitate to fill the atmosphere with shouts of celebration, laughs of joy!

They don’t hesitate to devour the most satisfying Jambalaya and King Cake.

With fizzy drinks in hand.

All in the spirit of Mardi Gras.

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Daily Prompt – Hesitate

Quicken – REVENGE

Daily Prompt – Quicken

She looks down on the pavement to see droplets of blood.

She then looks around to see if there is any site of him.

Carefully walking further, she notices him lying on the road surrounded by helping witnesses, suffering from pain.

Her heartbeat quickens because she connects the dots of his pain to the earlier seen droplets.

He sees her and reaches his hand out towards her, desperately yelling for help, as she hears the sounds of an ambulance approaching.

She runs over to see that he is severely injured. She starts to panic because she doesn’t know what has become of this matter.

Her body is filled with so many emotions; sadness, anger, fear, confusion…the largest of them all are determination.

She is determined to find the one who did this, the one who harmed an innocent, to find this suspect…and make him pay.

By: Brittany Santiago

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A baby is a being who is the most trusting, who is the most venerable, who is the most innocent.

This is why we all love babies so much.

They are not threatening in any way, they can make you smile without them doing anything!

They can be sleeping or making a funny face and your heart will fill up with joy because you appreciate the good, the innocence, the love that Baby possesses whether it’s your child or not.

By: Brittany Santiago

Daily Prompt – Baby

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