Blogging Milestone and Personal Illustrations! 

Hey everyone! I just wanted to congratulate a fellow blogger Pursuit Of Natural for reaching a great milestone for her blogging journey!

I am honored that she has created a personal illustration of me! I love it! Just as I have inspired you, you have been an inspiration to me as well! Thank you for the recognition!

Check her out and follow her ➡️ (Pursuit Of Natural Instagram) for more awesome illustrations! 😊

Pursuit of Natural


Recently, WordPress notified me that I had reached 50 followers on this blog, alone. It’s a modest milestone, but a milestone that I felt should be celebrated nonetheless. Because that number represents months of personal growth and some really wonderful people in this corner of the blogosphere.

So, thank you to everyone who took the time to read, like, comment, share, and follow. A special thanks to all the supportive women who have made this community so welcoming. And a very special thanks to the women featured in the image above, who have engaged, encouraged, and inspired me in their own ways to keep going.

Please check out their blogs and other platforms, where you’ll find great content on self-love, inspiration, health, beauty and, of course, natural hair!

I’ve gifted…

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