Weird Breakfast!

Lately I’ve been eating more sweet potatoes and sometimes I feel like eating them for breakfast!

For my sweet potatoes, I cut them up and leave the skin on for more nutrients. Then I boil them for about 10 minutes to soften them a bit. After I strain the water from them, I add my spices to it, which varies depending on how I feel for that day lol!

Today I added a very small sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper because I like spicy, roasted black sesame seeds, and chopped up dill! It is so delicious!

With my sweet potatoes, I had some of a green smoothie that I made the other day. Here are the ingredients:

Banana, carrots, pear, kale, capful of apple cider vinegar, hemp seeds, and water. This green smoothie is the bomb!

Have you eaten sweet potatoes for breakfast?

Or what is something “weird” that you eat for breakfast?

What is your favorite green smoothie recipe?

Quick And Easy Avocado Toast Recipe!

The reason why I enjoy avocado toast is because it’s easy to make and you don’t have to clean a bunch of dishes after you’re done haha!

Here’s what you do:

-Toast your favorite bread to your liking.

-Carefully cut in half your avocado and spread it on the toast.  I always do my happy dance when I cut it open and see that there’s no brown spots, but it’s that beautiful green color! =D

-Add whatever spices you like! I added salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes for a nice kick!

And  now you’re ready to eat and enjoy this easy, filling avocado toast!

For a refreshing side, I made a bowl of chopped up bananas, blueberries, a sprinkle of granola, topped off with a drizzle of honey!

Such an easy and delicious meal that you can enjoy anytime of the day!

What’s your go to avocado toast recipe? Or what is your favorite dish to make with avocado?!

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