Has Anyone Tried This Before?!

So a few years ago, my friend put me on to bubble tea and from then on, I got hooked! Lol

Check out what I thought when I first tried bubble tea! My First Bubble Tea Experience!

So I found a spot literally right up the street from my place so I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing lol. I might end up going there like everyday haha!

The place is called King Fu Tea and they serve milk tea, slushies, and other assorted drinks that have many flavors and add ons!

I usually order a milk tea with the flavored bubbles and I love it so much! I’m already a big tea drinker so this is like heaven for me!

I have to say that I enjoy this version of bubble tea more than my first bubble tea. Mainly because the first time, it had the chewy tapioca pearls which I’m not a fan of. This tea has the bubbles that are flavorful and have a nice pop to them!

Earl Grey Tea with hints of rose hip and blueberry with grape bubbles

Have you tried bubble tea before? If so, what is your favorite combo?!

My First Bubble Tea Experience! 

For a while, Ive been hearing people rave about this Bubble Tea! And it sounded interesting enough for me to want to try it out! 

So earlier this week, I went to an Asian Supermarket, HMart, which I LOVE by the way! Very affordable prices and everything there is fresh! If you’re in NYC, go find you an HMart and check it out! You’ll be impressed.

Anyways, I digress… They were the closest location that sells Bubble Tea.

I ordered a Mango Bubble Tea for about $5.

The moment of truth… I sipped up the tea into the huge straw and I captured one of the tapioca balls. I started chewing it, but I was a little surprised. All this time, I thought the tapioca balls at the bottom of the drink were supposed to have flavor too! But they didn’t really taste like anything and had the consistency of a soft jelly bean. 

I was a little thrown off by that because I was really looking forward to more of a sweet and sort of tangy flavor, like candy. Ohh well, I guess not LOL. 

Overall, it was a tasty drink. I’ll rate my experience a B+. 

Now I know there are other variations of Bubble Tea out there so I do plan on giving those a try! 

Any Bubble Tea fans out there? How was your first experience drinking it?

What’s your favorite Bubble Tea flavor?!

PS: I wish I had a fancier picture for your guys but that’s the best I could do at that moment! =D