Strawberry Shortcake!

I’ve always heard of everyone loving strawberry shortcake! I didn’t really know what the difference was between a shortcake and regular cake so I did some research! 

A shortcake is normally made with flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, salt, butter, milk, or cream, and sometimes eggs. The dry ingredients are blended, then the butter is cut into mixture until the mixture resembles cornmeal. 

The liquid ingredients are mixed in just until moistened, resulting in a shortened dough. The dough is dropped in spoonfuls onto the baking sheet, rolled, and poured into a cake pan. Then it’s baked at a relatively high temperature until set. 

I’ve never had the opportunity to try strawberry shortcake until yesterday! 

My coworker switched departments and my colleague bought her a strawberry shortcake from Whole Foods as a goodbye treat. 

The cake had strawberries on the inside and was so light and airy compared to regular cake! It was sweet but not too sweet and had a bit tangy from the strawberries that were in between the layers! It was super delicious! I love sweets so I was tempted to grab another slice but I resisted the urge! Haha!

Strawberry Shortcake from Whole Foods! The name on the cake is an inside joke haha!

Have you ever had strawberry shortcake before?!