NYC Driving!

Moving to NYC 4 years ago, I knew there were going to be a lot of changes and adjustments. 

One of the biggest adjustments I had to make was my driving methods. I feel that I am a responsible and careful driver. But living in NYC, I realize that (mostly) everybody else around me is the total opposite!

These people drive wrecklessly like they’re fighting to have the road or lane to themselves!

You get cut off without warning, people make decisions without using their signal lights, and they tailgate you so no one else will cut in front of them!

So the motto that I’ve stuck with is 

“I drive to survive!”

And by following this motto, I’ve been able to survive on the road despite all the crazy drivers! Haha! 

Daily Prompt – Survive


My Dream Car! 

Maybe I’m weird, but I’m probably the only one that doesn’t have a “dream car” that I would love to have.

I just really like the look of certain cars, not really “head over heels” for anything yet. And I have a car now, it’s a crossover but I plan on getting a new car in the next few years. 

Right now I really like the BMW X5 SUV and the BMW 325 or BMW 328 series. My husband has a BMW 325 and I love the way it drives, it’s so smooth. 

But recently I’ve been looking at the muscle cars: Dodge Challenger (on left) and Dodge Charger (on right). I realized that I really like how they look! They’re so sleek, mysterious looking, and so beautiful. 

So I would possibly consider this to be a dream car option, but I feel like the car would be too big for me to drive around as far as sedans go.

I know I said I wanted an SUV but I feel like I would fit better into the SUV verses the Dodge cars that I listed above. 

I guess I would have to test drive those cars to see if I still feel it’s too bulky for me. 

Have any of you driven a Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger? If so, how do they drive?

What is your dream car?