Today’s Lunch! 

Chickpea (same as garbonzo beans) salad with scallions, green peppers, celery, red onions, cucumbers over a bed of fresh spinach with Balsamic vinagerette dressing! 

I seasoned the chickpeas with garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and cayenne pepper.

It was a bit spicy, flavorful, fresh, and delicious! 

What did you have for lunch today? 

My Snack For Today! 

Hey guys! 

I’ve been trying to include more fruits and veggies in my diet! 

Today I brought celery and tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt to work! I also have a little bit of roasted red pepper hummus for dipping! 

It was so good! This may be my go to snack! 😁

Do you Snack throughout the day? What do you snack on?