My 3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

So yesterday was my 3 year wedding anniversary on January 22! But my husband and I have been together for a total of 8 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long! Time is surely flying by!

We went to BH Kitchen and Bar in Manhattan. I ordered their BH Burger and my husband, Danny, had chicken and waffles. The food was so delicious!

We’re sort of an unconventional couple so instead of going on a vacation or to a fancy dinner, we went to Dave and Busters! We played a bunch of games and we had a good ol time! We practically had the place to ourselves so that was a plus!

We ordered the Carnivore Pizzadilla appetizer, I had their Fire Grilled Salmon with Spicy Rice Medley and Sautéed Spinach and my husband had Bistro Steak and Shrimp With Lobster Alfredo Linguine (substituted for marinara sauce)! And for a bar/game play facility, they have really tasty food! Everything was so delicious! If you’ve never ordered food from Dave and Busters then you’re missing out!

We actually have a dining room table that converts into a pool table/ping pong table so we played each other in pool and ping pong when we came home. We’re pretty competitive so it was definitely a good game!

We may not have the house of our dreams, we may not have a house full of kids yet, we may not be able to travel all over the world, and we may not be as wealthy as we’d like to be.

But we have built a great life together so far, and we are grateful and blessed with what we already have. We have such a good relationship that keeps growing stronger each day and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us! 😊

My Chill Weekend!

Hey guys! So I had a very chill but fun weekend!

Friday I cleaned my home! There were things that I had to to do here and there that I kept putting off throughout the week so I decided to finally get to it! Lol.

Saturday it snowed here in NYC. When I woke up around 11am it was snowing and it pretty much snowed all day! So I stayed in all day and binged watched this new show on Netflix my sister got me hooked on! Lol

It’s called The 100. It’s about people who lived in space come to Earth to see if it’s survivable after its destruction. Turns out that the people who were in space are realizing that there are signs of life on Earth after all which comes as a huge shock to them! The tv show has so many twists and turns I love it!

Sunday my husband and I went to Manhattan to hang out with our friends. We ate at this restaurant called Sweet Chick in Lower East Side which is my friend’s favorite restaurant! Let’s see if you can spot him in the picture above Lol! The restaurant had a very chill vibe. The lights were dim and candles lit everywhere it was small but still spacious at the same time. The staff was very attentive and polite too! Their specialty is Chicken and Waffles with a bunch of cool flavor options to choose from! I ordered chicken and spiced pecan waffles with a Mermaid Pilsner beer! Everything was so delicious! If you’re in the area, you should stop by and grab a bite and a cold beer!

Ohh and My Pittsburgh Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night and boy was that a good game! We fell behind BUT came back and won by 1 point with only a few seconds left! Woohoo I love my team! Go Steelers!

How did you spend your weekend? have you had Chicken and Waffles before? Did you watch any football games this weekend? Comment below! ⬇️