My Obsession! 

I’ve mentioned in my “About Me” section that I’m sort of obsessed with men’s fashion. 

I love the different patterns, materials, textures, and color combinations that can go together in menswear! 

My dad in his tailor made 3 piece suit

I think my obsession stems from my dad! He’s always had a great style both casual and dressy! When we lived in Bahrain (Middle East), he had a tailor made suit business and had a tailor making his suits and suits for others as well! It was pretty cool! 


I’m a big fan of musician Jidenna’s suits! He’s a classic man! 

Conor Mcgregor

Conor Mcgregor has recently been added to my radar because I’ve noticed that his suits are on point too! And I hope he whoops butt in that boxing match next month too! 
Daily Prompt – Tailor

Photos: Facebook, Google