This is the season for stuffy noses, annoying coughs, and the common cold. But I actually found a solution!

One weekend, My husband had a really bad cough and was congested like crazy!

Pinterest is my go to for remedies for almost anything! So I found a post on how to get rid of congestion.


Steep 1 tablespoon of dried thyme in a cup of hot water for about 5 minutes. Strain the thyme from the hot water.

Cut 2 lemon wedges and squeeze the lemon into the thyme tea.

I added about 1 tablespoon of honey(optional) for a more pleasant taste.

Stir the tea so the honey dissolves and then drink up!

My husband drank the tea and in about 20 minutes, he stopped coughing and he was able to rid of his congestion! I was so amazed that it actually worked! (For other cases, some people may need to drink more than one cup of Thyme Tea to see results).

Benefits of each ingredient:

THYME: It is said to be a helpful expectorant for chest congestion that helps eliminate accumulated mucus, has anti-microbial properties,  and can also help cure cough, sore throat, or congestion.

Thyme Cure for Cold Symptoms

LEMON: Has tons of Vitamin C, helps decrease the strength of a cold, reduce phlegm, and speed up healing process.

Cold and Flu Home Remedies

If you decide to try thyme tea, let me know how things turned out!