6 Easy Ways To Practice Self Care!

These are some of my top activities that I do to practice self care on a regular basis. Check em out!


Make a playlist and dance around to your favorite tunes

Dancing is always something that soothes my soul. To be able to move and harmonize with the music is one of my favorite self care practices!

Take a relaxing bath while listening to calming music

I always use Dr. Teals Bubble Bath in combination with Dr. Teals Epsom Salt when I take my baths. I run my bubble bath, dim the lights, light a few candles, and turn on 432 Hertz (deep healing music) and use this time to unplug from the world!


Get lost in an interesting book

I enjoy reading self help books where I can soak in the knowledge and be able to apply it to my own life. I am currently reading The Edgar Cayce Remedies that talks about holistic approaches to common health issues.

So whether your genre of choice is fiction, history, or mystery, dive in and after a few minutes you’ll be captured by the story!

What’s your favorite genre to read?

Grab a coloring book and let out your inner child

It’s the constant motion and calming sound of my colored pencils that help me chill out and relieve any tension that I’ve had for the day. Here’s the Adult Coloring Book that I’m using along with the Colored Pencils that work best for me!


Get in a comfortable position, turn on relaxing music, close your eyes & Meditate

When I meditate, I like to lay on my bed or on my couch. Michael Sealey is one of my favorite meditation Youtubers to listen to.

I put in my headphones and turn on one of his guided meditations and just tune in. After my meditation session, I feel so much more relaxed!

Release your thoughts by journaling whatever comes to your mind

I like to Journal because I have a lot of thoughts running through my head, maybe its from my Mercury in Virgo or Mars in Gemini! haha (a little joke for my astrology folks out there!) There is no right or wrong way to do this because this is for your benefit.

If you try out some of these self care practices, let me know how things went for you! =)

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