My First Pressed Flowers Project!

When I get flowers as a gift, I always want them to last forever because they’re so beautiful! But then I thought maybe there is a way to make them last! So I did some research and found out that I can preserve the flowers by pressing them!

To press flowers, you need parchment or wax paper, fresh flowers, 1 piece of copy paper (optional) and a few heavy books.

Open a book that has a lot of pages and lay a large piece of parchment paper on a page in the book. Half of the paper should be laying flat on the book page and the other half should be loose.

Take 2-3 flowers (depending on the size of them) and lay them carefully onto the parchment paper that’s in the page of the book.

Then carefully fold the other half of the parchment paper over the flowers so that they are enclosed in the parchment paper. The flowers shouldn’t be touching any part of the book. Then close the book and lay other heavy books on top of it. This will allow the flowers to flatten.

Leave them for about 3 weeks or until the flowers dry out. I would say to check the flowers maybe once a week to see their progress. I pressed a lot of flowers but some of them didn’t survive because some of them were discolored or some of the petals came off of the flower and couldn’t be used.

Then you’ll take 2 picture frames, I used 8×10, and only use the glass part of the frames. I used a white piece of copy paper and placed it on the glass but this is optional. Then you’ll lay the pressed flowers delicately on the glass. After that, you will take the other glass frame and lay it over top of the flowers and secure the frame with those pieces that are around the perimeter of the frame.

And now the project is complete!

Check out my YouTube video to see the result of my pressed flowers! =)

My First Pressed Flowers Project!