Don’t Call It A Dream…

“Don’t call it a dream, 

call it a plan”

✨I was just having a conversation with my husband saying that I can’t wait until I have a private island where we can just relax and enjoy the surrounding nature, eat good, and be worry free! 

But reading this quote made me realize that anything is possible if you are determined and willing, so I will add this to my vision board and hope that I can achieve this dream in the future! 😁✨

5 Ways To Overcome Dream Killers And Doubters! 

I really enjoyed reading this blog written by Jay Colby! Here 5 ways on how to overcome dream killers and doubters! Check it out! 😁

Jay Colby

Whatever your dreams or aspirations are whether business, home, family, or self-improvement. There always seems to be someone in the way with an opinion on what you’re trying to achieve. I can personally relate because throughout my path in life I have ran across a number of people who either doubted my dreams and aspirations or simply just didn’t believe in them. It is not really surprising that people may even be close to you squash your dreams on a regular basis. You may not have recognized that dream killers are always around with negative vibes, thoughts, cynical words and opinions. After you encounter with “dream killers” you may look in the mirror, asking yourself can you really achieve your dreams or are you making a mistake. Then your mind might begin to be filled with all types of self-doubt and fear. Though sometimes unintentional and often unaware, many times…

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