Spiked Egg Nog!

This weekend was busy for me with getting all my holiday decorations together and buying a few Christmas gifts.

I felt like all my hard work deserved nice beverage lol.

So I decided to make a spike egg nog cocktail with cinnamon, nutmeg, and Tito’s. It hit the spot! Haha!

How do you like to enjoy your egg nog?!

Had To Satisfy My Craving!

I had to run a few errands this morning and had a craving for something super healthy lol.

So I found that awesome juice bar called Juices For Life and I ordered a drink called “Revive”.

It’s made of carrots, ginger, beets, and grape ginger. It was so good and had a nice bite of spice from the ginger (which is my fav!). It’s just what I needed to give me energy this morning to run around the city! =D

What do you prefer, Do you fruit smoothies or freshly made juices? Or both?!

Front Row Seats! July 4th Fun!

Hey I hope you had a fun celebration for Independence Day!

I spent the day in Long Island for a BBQ at an in laws house. We relaxed in the pool most of the time since it was so hot! It was pretty refreshing to be able to chill out in the water!

Our food selection consisted of skirt steak, hotdogs, macaroni salad, potato salad, green salad, watermelon, and more! Yum!

We went home a little early to avoid the traffic going back into the city. But we were able to have front row seats from our window to watch the fireworks last night! It was so beautiful! I enjoyed my July 4th celebration!

Did you do anything exciting for Independence Day?! Comment below! 😊

Cinco De Mayo Festivities! Late Post!

Sorry for the late post!

I decided to throw a small get together at my place for Cinco De Mayo!

I made a pitcher of Margarita, loaded nachos, quesadillas, churros with cinnamon whipped cream dipping sauce, and fresh guacamole!

We also played a game called Mexican train dominoes. It’s sort of like playing regular Dominoes but a lot easier lol! Here are some pictures of the food!

What did you do for Cinco De Mayo?! Comment below!

6 Tricks To Score Free Drinks At A Bar, According To Bartenders!

So how do you get a free drink at a bar?! Well here are some tips from a few bartenders that can help you earn a free one!

1. Be Generous!

Ricky Powell, bartender at BAR, says you should show your generosity to either your friends and to the bartender. For example, buy a round for a group of friends including a generous tip to earn a nice drink!

2. Refer The Bar!

Jeremy Allen from MiniBar Hollywood says it’s a great idea to recommend the bar to your friends. It’s a bigger plus if those friends come back with a friend or group of friends!

3. Be Loyal!

Being a repeat customer to a single bartender is a easy way to score a free drink according to Ben Spirk of Manatawny Still Works Tasting Room. He advises that being loyal to a specific bartender will get you a few complementaries if you come often and drink more than 2 rounds. Also, do not ignore other bartenders just to get a free drink because that’s a bad look to all bartenders.

4. Celebrate A Big Event!

If you attend the bar due to a life changing event like earning a raise, new job, new apartment, etc., make sure to let the bartender know! Powell says the bartender may be inclined to celebrate with you by giving you a free drink! Since birthday announcements are overused, it’s best to avoid using that reason for a free drink.

5. Happy Hour With Colleagues!

The next office happy hour should be hosted at your favorite bar. Allen says if your boss buys rounds for the office, it’s guaranteed that bartenders will offer you a free one for your next visit to the bar!

6. Bar Half Empty!

Spirk says you’re more likely to get compensated for a drink if you show up during a slow time. This allows for you to connect and have a conversation with the person behind the bar versus a busy Friday or Saturday night. When you come in on a slow day, you get to know the bartender better and you’re helping their slow night go by more quickly!

Have you tried out any of these tips before?

Do you have any other tips to score a free drink?

Comment below! 😊

Source: msn.com

Weekend in Virginia!

I went to northern Virginia for my friend’s welcome back party! We ate at her favorite restaurant called Chevy’s Fresh Mex! I ordered Chicken Enchiladas and my husband ordered Flame Grilled Fajitas! Our food was delicious!

After dinner, we moved the party to their house where we played “What The Meme” which is a pretty fun game when played with a lot of people! A lot of people who came were friends from college so we were all catching up and reminiscing about all the old but good memories we shared!

I was also able to see my little niece while i was here! She’ll be 1 next month! I won’t be able to make it to her birthday party so I’m glad I was able to spend time with her!

Well I definitely needed this little getaway! Here are a few pics from this weekend! Check my personal Instagram for more pictures and videos! Hope you enjoy! 😊

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Krakatoa Restaurant and Bar!

While we’re spending the weekend here in Youngstown, Ohio visiting family, my husband and I decided to explore the area a bit and found a really nice bar/restaurant called Krakatoa!

For those that don’t know, Krakatoa was an Indonesian volcano that had one of the most massive eruptions in history in 1883. The volcanic eruption was so loud that people who were 3,000 miles away could hear it! That’s crazy right?! There’s some history for ya!

We ordered some drinks! My hubby ordered a Founders beer and I ordered a Green Tea “Adult Slushy”.

My hubby ordered the Classic Burger and I ordered the Carnivore which came with pulled pork, bacon, and cheddar cheese! 😋

I will definitely be coming back here again! If you’re ever in Youngstown, you should definitely check out this place!

My 3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

So yesterday was my 3 year wedding anniversary on January 22! But my husband and I have been together for a total of 8 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long! Time is surely flying by!

We went to BH Kitchen and Bar in Manhattan. I ordered their BH Burger and my husband, Danny, had chicken and waffles. The food was so delicious!

We’re sort of an unconventional couple so instead of going on a vacation or to a fancy dinner, we went to Dave and Busters! We played a bunch of games and we had a good ol time! We practically had the place to ourselves so that was a plus!

We ordered the Carnivore Pizzadilla appetizer, I had their Fire Grilled Salmon with Spicy Rice Medley and Sautéed Spinach and my husband had Bistro Steak and Shrimp With Lobster Alfredo Linguine (substituted for marinara sauce)! And for a bar/game play facility, they have really tasty food! Everything was so delicious! If you’ve never ordered food from Dave and Busters then you’re missing out!

We actually have a dining room table that converts into a pool table/ping pong table so we played each other in pool and ping pong when we came home. We’re pretty competitive so it was definitely a good game!

We may not have the house of our dreams, we may not have a house full of kids yet, we may not be able to travel all over the world, and we may not be as wealthy as we’d like to be.

But we have built a great life together so far, and we are grateful and blessed with what we already have. We have such a good relationship that keeps growing stronger each day and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us! 😊

5 Beer Myths You Should Stop Believing! 

1. Beer should be served ice cold

Beer taste best at a temperature between 40 and 55 degrees. Macrobreweries are responsible for the cold temperature falseness! Ice cold beer numbs your palate which reduces the taste of beer. This leads to the urge of wanting to drink more beers! Which is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s taking away from enjoying the true taste of the beer. 

2. Lagers are light and flavorless

Just as ales have plenty of lighter styles, lagers have lighter varieties as well. If you’re looking for lagers with more flavor, try these: dopplebocks, rauchbier, and Baltic porters! 

3. Bottled beer is better than canned

The same UV rays that give you a tan are the same rays that can harm your unprotected beer! Canned beer will help keep the strong flavor versus bottled beer since the bottled beer is more exposed.

4. Dark beer is all the same 

Dark is not a flavor. The dark color of beer only tells you the amount of kilned or roasted malt that was used to make the beer. Dark beers have unique tastes each with their hints of bitterness, sweetness, spicy or fruity flavor notes. 

5. Beer is the cause of your “beer belly”

Czech researchers found that beer consumption is a poor indicator of weight gain. Normally if you drink a bunch, there’s a good chance you’ll put on some weight. But research suggests that this is true no matter what beverage you choose! 

Which myth did you find most surprising?! Comment below and share your thoughts. 

Source: Thrillist.com