10 Tricks To Eating Healthy While Eating Out At Restaurants! 

1. Ask for it your way!

Don’t be afraid to ask for a customized order. After all, you are the one consuming the food! For instance, if an item is fried, see if it can be grilled instead. If your order comes with fries, ask for a side of veggies instead. Very often the restaurant will cooperate with you requests.

2. Ask to “triple the vegetables, please.”

Sometimes a restaurant will provide a side of vegetables where the portion seems more like a garnish. When ordering, ask for three or four times the normal serving of veggies, and offer to pay extra. It’ll be well worth it and your body will thank you later!

3. Order from the “healthy, light, low fat” entrées.

Most restaurants will list the calorie amount and nutritional content of those particular foods and some chains even list nutritional information for their entire menu!

4. Ask to box half your entrée.

Ask the waiter to box half your meal before they even bring it to the table. Another option would be to split an entrée with your dining partner. This can help fight the urge to finish all that’s on your plate even if you may already be full.

5. Try double appetizers!

If there is a good selection of seafood, chicken (unfried), and vegetable based appetizers, consider skipping the entrée and have two appetizers instead. Two appetizers should be more than enough food to fill you up!

6. Order a salad first!

Scientists at Pennsylvania State University found that volunteers who ate a big veggie salad before the main course ate fewer calories overall than those who didn’t have salad as their first course! So choose salad but make sure to avoid the fatty salad dressings. Also try asking for an addition of fruits and/or nuts for a heartier salad!

7. Ask the waiter to skip the bread basket!

Devouring the bread before eating your meal can make your feel super full and doesn’t have much nutritional value. If you still want to satisfy your growling stomach, ask for a plate of raw vegetables or fruits!

8. Order Fish!

If you prefer fish, make sure it’s not fried! Fish can be ordered in a variety of ways such as steamed, baked, broiled, sautéed, blackened, or grilled. So try out these options the next time you order!

9. Drink water throughout the meal!

Drinking water will slow you down and help you better enjoy your food. Plus you’ll be satisfying your thirst without adding extra calories!

10. Skip the dessert!

You can always grab a test when you get home, so hold off ordering dessert. Having a small bowl of sorbet or frozen yogurt sounds satisfying!

Source: readersdigest.com

Photo: Pexels.com