Lunch Time in Virginia Beach!

My hubby and I went on a stroll on the boardwalk today. There was a slight breeze but the sun was peaking out so the weather was perfect!

We were starving so we went to this Puerto Rican spot called Mojito Cafe for lunch. I ordered a Black Cherry Peach Mojito. I thought it was a weird combo but the waitress said it taste great so I decided to give it a try! She was right it was a good choice!

For lunch, I ordered a Pernil Asado (Garlic flavored pulled pork) with Tostones (fried plantains). It was amazing! Pernil is one of my favorite Puerto Rican dishes so this definitely hit the spot! =)

Cooper’s Hawk Winery And Restaurant in Virginia Beach!

Earlier this week I went with my in-laws to this nice winery and restaurant called Cooper’s Hawk in Virginia Beach, VA.

When you first walk in, they have the wine tasting area where you can try a variety of wines. I chose to try sweet wines because I prefer sweet over dry wines.

My favorite wines were the Sparkling Moscato, Gewurztrainer, White Sangria, and Cranberry.

After wine tasting, we sat down to eat dinner. We had a few appetizers which consisted of the Classic Tomato Bruschetta and Chicken Potstickers! So yummy!

For my entree, I had Dana’s Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Betty’s Potatoes and Green Beans. The chicken was so crispy and flavorful and I loved the potatoes, they were cheesy and had a hash brown consistency.

I’m already planning my next trip back to this cool spot haha!

Have you been wine tasting? Do you prefer dry or sweet wines?