✨For all Artists, Painters, and Photographers! ✨

• Want to give to a good cause? 🙌
• Want to be recognized for your great work?🙌 

• Donate your a painting or photograph to our upcoming fundraising event for Evolving Arts Of America whose mission is to provide an environment for the youth to develop their creativity through the arts! 📷🎨

• Your donated piece will be displayed at our event where it will be auctioned off to buyers and the proceedings will go to this great organization! 📷🎨

Evolving Arts Of America!

• You will gain awesome recognition, great exposure, and big thank you from the youth of Evolving Arts Of America! 🎉

• Deadline is Oct 20th! Comment below to receive more info on the steps to submit your work! Look forward to hearing from you! 😁