Colorful Headwrap!

Head wraps are starting to be one of my staple hairstyles!

It’s something that you can easily put over your hair, while it also can be considered a protective hairstyle! Styling my natural hair can take at least 15 minutes so I love the fact that these head wraps cut down my styling time!

Here are some really pretty and colorful head wraps that you can try out!


Out of all the hair types, kinky (my hair type) and curly hair are my favorite! 
In my opinion these hair types have such life and add a lot of volume to any style! 

Curly and kinky hair are so versatile because you can wear your hair in its natural curly state, you can do cool hairstyles, and you can straighten it too if you want! 

If you have trouble with getting you hair to have volume, here is a link to an article that’ll help with that! =)

10 Sneaky Ways To Create Volume In Your Hair!

Daily Prompt – Volume