Become Better

“If you continuously compete with others, you

become bitter. But if you continuously compete

with yourself, you become better”

5 Steps To Self Care!

1. Sleep, rest, or nap when you need to

2. Feel and accept your emotions, but don’t stay there too long

3. Slow down, remember to breath and be present

4. Be grateful for what you have right now

5. Be brave to be authentically you, the world wouldn’t be the same without you

Beginner’s Guide To Meditation!

Meditation helps relax the mind from racing thoughts. It also helps develop concentration, clarity, and allows you to focus on your inner self.

It gives you a heightened state of awareness and helps with improving your focus.

There are so many physical, mental, and emotional benefits to meditating!

Check out my video where I share all the details about meditation and I also give you resources on how you can start! It’s so simple and easy!

Here’s the link:

Beginner’s Guide To Meditation

Hope you enjoy! =)

Yoga Stretches With A Twist!

Life has been getting super busy for me lately. So I’ve been trying to fit in my yoga where I can!

I like doing the Sun Salutation sequence, which I made a video of all the details showing what it actually is!

Here’s the link to the video:

Yoga Stretches With A Twist!

Is yoga a part of your daily or weekly routine?

Hello June!

Can you believe we’re now entering the 6th month of the year?! Time is flying so fast that I honestly can’t even remember what day it is anymore lol!

Things have been busy for me lately. I work with an event planner and since it’s the summer, the events are starting to pick back up again. So I’ll be working an event almost every weekend this month and next month!

Plus I have my own personal events that are coming up with family and friends within the next two months!

I love spending time with my loved ones. But I am an introvert and love my space, peace and quiet. So I am mentally preparing myself for everything that is about to come! Lol

I have to make it a priority to schedule some self care time for myself during these hectic months so I’m working on a game plan for that!

Anyways, how have you been? How have these 6 months of the new year been treating you so far?

*PS: When it comes to being around others, everything is always being done safely, so no need to worry. =)