My Trip To D.C. This Weekend!

Unfortunately I found out that my close friend’s mother passed away. My husband and I went down to the DMV (stands for DC, Maryland, Virginia) area this weekend to be a support for our friend and his family. 

Our other close friends came into town as well for the funeral. His family was happy and grateful that we were there for them during this tough time. If you have a few seconds, please keep his family in your prayers. Thank you! 

We all went to college together but we all live in different places. So because of duties of life and the distance between us, we haven’t seen each other in a few months and it’s been even longer since we’ve seen some of the others. So it was nice that we all got a chance to meet up again! It was like old times, we’re just a little older now! Haha! We’re all starting families, getting promotions, achieving our goals, etc so it was nice to catch up with everyone!

Also 2 of my close friends from college live in Maryland so I was able to visit them! My friend just had a baby a month ago so I was super excited to see them!

Some of my husband’s family members live in Northern Virginia so we went to visit them as well! As you can see we took advantage of being in town and made sure we were able to spend time with everyone! 

I thank God for these great people that I have in my life! They are amazing! 

Order of events for the weekend:


–Driving down to Virginia where we stayed with husband’s cousin.

–Grabbed some dinner at El Charro!

Chips and salsa! I had a Heineken and hubby had a Corona
Hubby had chicken and beef fajitas and I had chicken and beef burritos. Mine isn’t pictured since I devoured the food before I remembered to take a pic! Haha!


–The funeral was in DC in the morning. There was a beautiful mural nearby!

Beautiful Mural in DC!
–Here are some cool things we saw in DC!

Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
Riding through D.C.!
Riding through D.C.!
The Taxis in DC are red and grey! Haven’t seen that before!

–We were leaving the cemetery and were seized by the views of the different statues within the cemetery. Here are a few photos. 

–Afterwards we went to visit my friends in Maryland.

–After visiting my girls, we went back to Virginia to spend more time with our other friends. We ate some yummy pizza, drank a few beers, and played HeadsUp! 


–Sunday was my friend’s sons (not pictured per parents request) 2nd Birthday Party so we were all together celebrating his day!

The guys!
The ladies! Btw the shadow on my arm from the trees is making me look very muscular LOL!
–We then went to spend some time with my husband’s family. We went swimming in their pool! Swimming was definitely a workout for me! Whew! It was fun tho!

–That wraps up our trip! It was such a relieving weekend! Even though it was a sad time, we finished the weekend with fun times, many smiles and laughs, and more great memories! I love my friends! ❤️

Thanks for reading! Happy Monday! =)

Daily Prompt – Relieved

My Family Visits NYC!

My parents, sister, aunt, uncle, and granny cane into town from PA/OH to come visit my husband and I. 

My mom told me that they wanted to visit a few places in Manhattan but when they arrived on Friday, everyone was super tired. So we ended up ordering food from an Italian restaurant up the street from my apartment. 

It was nice to be able to relax with them. We watched this movie called Central Intelligence starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It was hilarious!

Saturday, I took them to a popular shopping area in the South Bronx where there are a whole bunch of stores on 3rd Ave. My family loved it and bought so many things! I ended up buying a few things too! =)

Some shops on 3rd Ave!
My sister, me, and my mom shopping on 3rd Ave in the South Bronx

Later that night, we had a pot luck dinner at my place and game night! My mom’s family is from NYC so her brothers and niece came out to join us for the night.

L to R: Baked Ziti by mom n law, Lemon Garlic Chicken and BBQ Bacon Chicken made by me, potato salad, and Pasta Salad made by my husband!
Back row L to R: Sweet Plantains, Spanish Rice, Spanish Rice, White Rice…Front Row L to R: Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Potato Salad, Beans

My mother n law and a few of her family members joined us as well. 

We played this game called “Heads Up” which is super fun! We also played Jenga
which was harder than I thought because you need to have a steady hand when moving those blocks around! 

My family and I playing Jenga!

Sunday morning, my family headed home.

It was so refreshing to have my family spending time together because it’s been a while since we’ve all gotten together. It was such a pleasure and can’t wait to do it again! I love my family =)

My family!