What Happens To Your Body When You Stretch Everyday!

Stretching is normally done before exercising, before performing a strenuous sport, or if you have an injury. But there are other reasons, good reasons, why we should be stretching at least once a day! Here are the benefits of stretching:

1. Increases Flexibility

Stretching everyday improves your flexibility to help you perform everyday activities with ease and can also delay the aging process relating to your mobile ability.

2. Increases Blood Flow To Your Muscles

When you stretch on a regular basis, you improve circulation and improves blood flow to your muscles. This as a result, can reduce muscle soreness.

3. Improves Your Posture

Imbalances in your muscles can lead to poor posture. When light strength training is paired with stretching, this can reduce muscuskeletal pain and encourage proper alignment.

4. Stress Reliever

When you’re stressed, there is a great possibility that your muscles are tense. This is because our muscles usually tighten in response to physical and emotional stress. Wherever you tend to hold your stress (in your back, neck, shoulders,etc) focus on stretching those areas to help relieve your stress.

5. Calms You Mind

When you stretch on a regular basis, this can help calm your mind. While stretching, focus on mindfulness and meditation exercises. If you need help with these exercises, check out this post that has all the tips you need: Easy Meditation Tips

6. May Decrease Tension Headaches

With proper diet, hydration, and rest, stretching may be a great help in decreasing the tension you feel from headaches.

A Few Tips For Stretching

-Look online to find stretch routines for a specific body part. You can Google it or use Pinterest.com.

-You should feel a little tension when stretching, but it should never hurt! So don’t stretch beyond the point of comfort.

-You should check with your physician before doing these stretches, especially if you have an injury or had one in the past. Safety always comes first!

So If you don’t normally stretch, come up with a quick and easy routine and you’ll see what difference it makes for your body! Thanks for reading!

Source: healthline.com