My Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My sister spent thanksgiving with me and my in laws!

Thursday – November 23 Thanksgiving

We had thanksgiving dinner at my mother in law’s home. There were a lot of deliciousness on the menu!

We had turkey, ham, pernil (Spanish pulled pork), baked ziti, rice and beans, pasta salad, baked Parmesan zucchini, and sweet potatoes!

For dessert we had coconut custard pie, flan, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream!

OMG everything was so yummy! My stomach was about to burst after eating all the delicious food! 😋

Friday – November 24

Today my sister and I stayed in during the day. We ate breakfast together and watched American Psycho. It’s a crazy movie but so good! Lol. She also helped me put up the Christmas tree!

My husband’s cousin had game night at her place which was so much fun!!!

Saturday – November 25

My sister and I did a little shopping. We got a few good deals! To finish things up, we stopped by Starbucks! I ordered a Caramel Brûlée latte and my sister ordered a French Vanilla Frappuccino!

My sister wanted to eat seafood so we went to Red Lobster for dinner!

Saturday – November 26

My sister headed back home to Ohio. She took the megabus so we had to drop her off in Manhattan. At first I didn’t think we’d make it in time because we were running very late! The bus was scheduled to leave at 11:35am. Guess what time we arrived?! 11:30am! Whew! But thank God we made it! 😅

I don’t get to see my little sister very often so I’m happy that she came to spend time with us! ❤️

Here a some pictures from the weekend!