Repotting My House Plants!

I have a few plants that needed to be transferred to a larger pot so they can have more space to grow!

Check out my video of me repotting my plant babies and I also share some facts about these houseplants too!

Repotting My Houseplants!

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New Addition!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am a plant mom and I just love caring for plants! Those are my babies are my top priority until the real babes come along lol!

I used to have an Aloe Vera plant back when I lived in NYC, but unfortunately it died! Yes even plant moms sometimes lose their plant babies, happens to the best of us lol.

Now that I’m in my new home, I decided to get another Aloe Vera plant!

Aloe Vera is beneficial for:

-treating sunburn

-improves digestion

-has antibacterial & antioxidant properties

-improves dry skin

-purifies the air

Check out the video clip of me repotting my Aloe Vera plant! You can find it on my Instagram page here!

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Do you have any Aloe Vera plants or have you used Aloe Vera before?

Super Easy Way To Water House Plants When You’re Out Of Town! 

So I went out of town last weekend for Labor Day and I was worried because I didn’t have to to buy those self watering probes that you leave in the plant’s soil.

My only other option was to look up any DIY watering options. I went to YouTube and found a great method!

Items Needed:

-Shallow pan (I used a baking pan)

-plastic bottle with cap (1-2 liter soda bottle)

-knife or scissors


1. Fill plastic bottle with water about half way and put on the bottle cap

2. Arrange all your plants onto shallow pan leaving room for the plastic bottle

3. Find a safe place for the shallow pan where the plants will get the amount of sunlight or indirect sunlight needed (depending on the plant)

4. Turn plastic bottle upside down and use knife/scissors to carefully cut open a small hole (about 1/2 cm) into the bottom of the bottle

5. Slowly turn plastic bottle right side up onto the shallow pan.

6. Loosen the bottle cap slightly so the water in the bottle can come out easily.

And that’s it!

Since mine don’t need to be watered that often (I have aloe vera, pothos, and snake plants) I just filled the bottom of the shallow pan with water instead of leaving the bottle with water on the pan with the plants.

Here are the plants before I left for the weekend. Sorry but didn’t take an “after” pic of the plants.

And when I came back home from my weekend trip, their soil was very moist from soaking up the water in the pan! I was super happy that it worked out! 😊