Magnum Ice Cream Shop in NYC! Ice Cream Lovers This One Is For You!!!

My sister came in town and has been wanting to go to this ice cream shop for the longest time! So we finally get the chance to give it a try!

This ice cream shop allows you to personalize your own ice cream bar!

You have a choice of 3 toppings and can also select a white, milk, or dark chocolate drizzle.

The toppings I chose were salted caramel pearls, chopped almonds, and ginger sugar.

My sister’s toppings were white sugar pearls, peanut butter chocolate chips, and salted caramel pearls.

It was fun to see them prepare it in front of you! My mouth was watering just watching them make it haha!

The staff were very friendly and helpful, making my experience even better!

Check out those videos here!: Just Brittany Moments Instagram

They have a station that has a pretty cool background to take a picture of your freshly made ice cream bar!

There is also some seating available if you want to hang out and enjoy your delicious treat!

My ice cream bar was very savory and creamy! The ginger sugar added a nice sweet but slight spice to it which was very pleasant!

The yummy bars are super affordable too, only costs $8!

So if you are ever in Lower Manhattan, stop by Magnum Ice Cream and get your personalized ice cream bar!

Check out my Instagram link below for much more photos and videos of my experience!

Just Brittany Moments Instagram

Everything New Yorkers Must Do This Week! MAY 29 – JUNE 4!

Hey guys! I knows it’s been a bit cloudy here in NYC for a while. But we can’t let that put a damper on our fun! Here are some exciting things to do this week here in NYC!


>>Day drink at the Summer of Love Memorial Day Party! 

Location: Ridgewood

Get Your Tickets Here! 
Ridgewood offers a free dance party located on the grounds of the historic Onderdonk House! You are sure to see a pig roasting along with other food vendors, circus performers, DJs, arts and crafts station, shopping at MaMas Bazaar and more! 

>>Cold Brew Soft Serve at Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Location: West Village

Dominique Ansel’s Kitchen
Dominique Ansel’s latest creation contains caffeine?! La Colombe cold brew soft serve topped with biscotti,milk foam, and cocoa powder for $7.25! 

>>Strawberry Poptart Sundae!

Location: Times Square

Kellogg’s NYC

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. has linked up with Kellogg’s to come up with a creative sundae made with strawberries and cream soft serve swirl, sour strawberry jam, toasted Pop-Tart crumbs, and rainbow sprinkles! That’s sounds pretty awesome! It’s available from Memorial Day through June 12! 


>>Learn about Manhttanhenge! 

Location: Upper West Side

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As the sun sets in May 30, it will be perfectly aligned with Manhattan’s east-west numbered streets, offering opportunity to capture cool pics of Manhattan’s brick-and-steel canyons. Jackie Faherty, astrophysicist, will be guiding you through the history and astronomy behind this awesome sunset! Here will be a special presentation held at Hayden Planetarium! Tickets are $15!


>>Drink Unlimited WINE at Brooklyn Uncorked!

Location: Industry City 

Get Your Tickets Here!
Edible’s food and wine festival will pair unlimited local and imported wines and beers with local bites from Baba’s Pierogies, Talde, Runner & Stone, and more!  The festival is from 6pm – 9pm and riches range from $50-$70

>>Hash Brown Tacos?! 

Location: Midtown East

Empellón interesting tacos stuffed with everything from falafel with grasshopper hummus to hashbrowns with tomatillo ketchup! They offer a $35 three course lunch that includes an appetizer, two tacos, and dessert! 


>>Scooper Bowl NYC! 

Location: Bryant Park

Get Your Tickets Here!
The nations largest All You Can Eat Ice Cream Festival from June 1-3! Proceeds will go together the Jimmy Fund, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Spaulding. Rehab Hosptial! Get your favorite ice cream flavors from Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin-Robbins, Häagen Dazs, and many more! Tickets go on sale starting May 31st! 


>>Experiencing the Creative Minds of Local Artists!

Location: Greenpoint 

Green Point Open Studios
This annual event opens up the personal studios of Greenpoint’s photographers, painters,textile artists,sculptors, and more! Come out and see the process and work that goes into contemporary visual art!


>>Bill Nye and the Brooklyn Sky!

Location: Downtown Brooklyn at Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 1

More Info!
Your favorite science guy will join you on Saturday night at the interactive stargazing event featuring astronomers, astronauts, and more space-savvy guests! Admission is FREE and is from 7pm-11pm!


>>International Food Bazaar! 

Location: Upper West Side – Grand Bazaar NYC

International Food Bazaar!
Eat food from all over the world with 25 vendors selling delicious food from Cuba, Greece, Thailand, and more! Proceeds will be donated to local public schools!

These activities sound so fun! Hope you guys get a chance to dive into these fun endeavors! =)


Bacon and Peanut Butter?! Weird Food Combinations That Are Delicious! 

1. Avocado and Chocolate

2. Strawberry and Tomato

3. Dark Chocolate and Parmesan Cheese

4. Oranges and Olives

5. Yogurt and Eggs

6. Bacon and Peanut Butter 

7. Olive Oil and Ice Cream

Out of crazy weird combos, I would try out the bacon and peanut butter since I’m a fan of both. It’ll probably have a sweet and salty taste to it! 

Avocado and chocolate sound interesting! They’re both soft and have a creamy taste so this could work.

The only combo that I’m a little thrown off by is the orange and olives! Olives have such a tangy taste and firmer texture. Oranges are a have a slight tang but are still sweet so I’m not sure how these two items would taste together. 

So what do you guys think of these food pairings?! 

Have you guys had any of the food combos before? 

I’d be interested to hear about your experience!