Front Row Seats! July 4th Fun!

Hey I hope you had a fun celebration for Independence Day!

I spent the day in Long Island for a BBQ at an in laws house. We relaxed in the pool most of the time since it was so hot! It was pretty refreshing to be able to chill out in the water!

Our food selection consisted of skirt steak, hotdogs, macaroni salad, potato salad, green salad, watermelon, and more! Yum!

We went home a little early to avoid the traffic going back into the city. But we were able to have front row seats from our window to watch the fireworks last night! It was so beautiful! I enjoyed my July 4th celebration!

Did you do anything exciting for Independence Day?! Comment below! 😊

Hola Mi Gentes! (Spanish/English Post)

Buenas días mi gentes! Cómo estás? 

Para la día de la Independencia, me quedé en mi casa y relajado!

Yo vi los programas de television, yo vi unos pocos películas con mi eposo, y yo ordené comida! 

Lo pasé bien quedarse en mi casa! 

Què hiciste para el día de la Independencia?


Good morning my people! How are you?

For Independence Day, I stayed at home and relaxed!

I watched tv shows, I watched a few movies with my husband, and I ordered food!

I had a good time staying at home! 

What did you do for Independence Day?