5 Beer Myths You Should Stop Believing! 

1. Beer should be served ice cold

Beer taste best at a temperature between 40 and 55 degrees. Macrobreweries are responsible for the cold temperature falseness! Ice cold beer numbs your palate which reduces the taste of beer. This leads to the urge of wanting to drink more beers! Which is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s taking away from enjoying the true taste of the beer. 

2. Lagers are light and flavorless

Just as ales have plenty of lighter styles, lagers have lighter varieties as well. If you’re looking for lagers with more flavor, try these: dopplebocks, rauchbier, and Baltic porters! 

3. Bottled beer is better than canned

The same UV rays that give you a tan are the same rays that can harm your unprotected beer! Canned beer will help keep the strong flavor versus bottled beer since the bottled beer is more exposed.

4. Dark beer is all the same 

Dark is not a flavor. The dark color of beer only tells you the amount of kilned or roasted malt that was used to make the beer. Dark beers have unique tastes each with their hints of bitterness, sweetness, spicy or fruity flavor notes. 

5. Beer is the cause of your “beer belly”

Czech researchers found that beer consumption is a poor indicator of weight gain. Normally if you drink a bunch, there’s a good chance you’ll put on some weight. But research suggests that this is true no matter what beverage you choose! 

Which myth did you find most surprising?! Comment below and share your thoughts. 

Source: Thrillist.com