Top 5 Favorite Beauty Youtubers For Women Of Color! 

1. ItsMyRayeRaye

I’ve been following her channel for years and she is so great! She does a lot with testing different beauty products and she also does great makeup tutorials! 

Click the link to check out her channel:

ItsMyRayeRaye YouTube Channel

ItsMyRayeRaye Instagram

2. AmberRosee

She is a fellow friend of mine from Virginia who is a new Youtuber! I love her beauty videos because they are so detailed and pretty easy to follow along with!

Check out her channel below:

AmberRosee YouTube Channel

AmberRosee Instagram

3. Styles By Fash

Can I just say I am a big fan of hers! She is so beautiful and talented! She also does hair tutorials, fashion lookbooks, and talks a lot about skincare as well! 

Check her out!

Styles By Fash YouTube Channel

Styles By Fash Instagram

4. SunKissAlba

She is one of my favorite because she is big on using organic, all natural beauty products and I love it! 

Here’s her channel:

SunKissAlba YouTube Channel

SunKissAlba Instagram

5. Ghana Goddess


Last but not least is this talented beauty! I’ve been following her for years! I love her beauty videos and she tests out a variety of new beauty products that I’ve never heard of before that are worth trying out! 

Visit her channel below:

Ghana Goddess YouTube Channel

Ghana Goddess Instagram

I hope you guys will check their pages! You definitely won’t be disappointed! =)

Photos:; I do not own any rights to these photos posted above.