Hint of Nostalgia!

I used to love all things candy growing up!

Some of my favorites to eat Smarties, a variety of lollipops from Dum Dums to Blowpops, Life Savers Gummies, and Spree Chewy Candies to name a few!

I blame my dad because he loves candy and his family is the same way! LOL

Growing up, I remember my Granny (his mom) would always have a pack of gummy bears near by. So I know where he got that sweet tooth from! Haha! 

But since I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely toned down my sweet tooth and barely eat candy now! 

So I get a hint of nostalgia whenever I do indulge in a sweet treat! =)

Are you a sweet tooth? And if so what are your favorite candies to indulge in?! 

Daily Prompt – Lollipop

Photo: Pixabay.com