How To Make Time For Self Care No Matter How Busy You Are! Self Care Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs!

Do you have a super busy schedule and feel like you don’t have any time for yourself no matter what you do?!

Don’t worry because below are a few suggestions that can help you balance your full schedule with having quality time for self care!

I’ve collaborated with some of my favorite entrepreneurs and working moms who will provide great advice on how they fit in self care into their super busy schedules! Check it out!


Hey there! I’m Ley, freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger. I work on my blog quite often which can be found here: I also have an Instagram (iammingley) and a makeup business Facebook profile (iammingleymua).

My days can get pretty hectic having to accommodate my clients, completing blog entries, and traveling. I don’t spend a lot of time at home, I’m always on the go. I travel at least three days a week for work and I’m always attending events. That alone hasn’t really given me much time for myself. At one point that didn’t bother me at all, but recently I felt as though that needed to change. So now no matter where I am I make sure to take out time for myself because self care is extremely important!

When it comes to self care I try to do AT LEAST one thing a day to contribute. I get so busy that I forget things so I set daily reminders for whatever it may be that I’d like to do for myself that particular day. Everyday is different for me so depending on how much time I have for self care will determine what I do.

Here are a few things that I do for self care:

– soothing in home facial with relaxing music

– calming eucalyptus bubble bath with an aromatic tea

– massage

– travel somewhere alone to relax and get away from stress

And much more!


Life with 3 kiddos and ALL of their extra curricular activities, a full-time job, and a budding photography business SnapShotsByShanna can be exhausting! Finding time to just be me, not mommy, wife, or Mrs. Shanna, is difficult; but it’s getting easier.

For one, scheduling activities that I enjoy has helped tremendously! This makes it an obligation and I’m less likely to find reasons not to do them. Once these activities become a part of your regular routine, you won’t have to think about squeezing them into your schedule because they’ll already be a part of it!

Yoga, working out at the gym, and reading is what gets me through the week without losing my mind! Also, taking 30 minutes to an hour at the end of everyday to unwind and just BE is priceless. I love using this time to catch up on my favorite T.V. shows, take an extra long shower or bath, or simply just scroll through social media websites.


Wife. Mom. Student. Full-Time Worker. Business Owner. Content Creator. These are among the many positions I currently hold. Often times, I have friends that ask, how do you do it all? How do you manage and still find time for yourself? It’s simple, but sometimes not so simple … Self-care! I might not be able to take time for myself everyday or a few times out of the week, but the point is I still get it done even if it’s taking a moment to myself in the bathroom while my children are screaming to the top of their lungs. Praying, reading, going out to brunch with a friend, going for a walk, getting a quick 30-minute run to the store all help in aiding me with self-care.

With me currently working in the mental health field and also studying in the field of social work, Self-care is a topic that is often visited and heavily discussed.  It is very easy to get burnt out in these areas, however being able to balance whatever tasks or jobs you may have in front of you will assist you in the future in being able to better prepare and better manage your tasks.

Currently majority of my time is spent most importantly with my family, which is something that I truly value. Secondly, I have been spending a lot of time rebranding my makeup artistry business and also gearing up for the launch of my Eyelash business that will soon come Mid-March/April timeframe. Not to mention, being a student takes a lot of time by itself, having to study, complete projects, take exams! However, my calendar is my best friend and helps me with time management A LOT! If you’re someone who struggles with time management, I would strongly suggest investing in a calendar, post-it notes, and a good highlighter!

When it comes to entrepreneurship, these two areas are where I have been spending the most time as of lately. It is definitely not easy being able to juggle all that is on my plate, however with the help of my calendar and taking things day-by-day allows me to have a peace of mind. I always try to encourage the next person, who might look at my situation and wonder, how on earth ….. to follow your dreams, however on the way to meeting your goals/dreams…. make certain you remember to take “breathers” along the way and to always partake in self-care to avoid burn out! Remember, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!”

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As you can see, these successful women have very busy lives but still manage to find time for self care! If you’re someone who struggles to make time for yourself, then try out some of their tips and see if it works for you! Thanks for reading!

Top 5 Favorite Beauty Youtubers For Women Of Color! 

1. ItsMyRayeRaye

I’ve been following her channel for years and she is so great! She does a lot with testing different beauty products and she also does great makeup tutorials! 

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2. AmberRosee

She is a fellow friend of mine from Virginia who is a new Youtuber! I love her beauty videos because they are so detailed and pretty easy to follow along with!

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3. Styles By Fash

Can I just say I am a big fan of hers! She is so beautiful and talented! She also does hair tutorials, fashion lookbooks, and talks a lot about skincare as well! 

Check her out!

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4. SunKissAlba

She is one of my favorite because she is big on using organic, all natural beauty products and I love it! 

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5. Ghana Goddess


Last but not least is this talented beauty! I’ve been following her for years! I love her beauty videos and she tests out a variety of new beauty products that I’ve never heard of before that are worth trying out! 

Visit her channel below:

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I hope you guys will check their pages! You definitely won’t be disappointed! =)

Photos:; I do not own any rights to these photos posted above. 

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board!

For those of us that have do our makeup  everyday, we have so many different products that make a huge clutter of a mess! Yuck! It drives me crazy at times!

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Hope this helps! 😊

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