Moonlit Ocean!

I’m Friday night, I went to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to see the Holiday lights that they have every year!

So when I was walking along the boardwalk and enjoying the lights, I saw that the moon was illuminating the ocean so brightly! I thought it was so cool so I went down to the beach to get a closer look! It was so amazing and looked so much prettier in person!

This is a late post but I figured it was still worth sharing! Lol

Have you experienced a moonlit Ocean before? If so, where did it take place?

Puerto Rico.

Sitting outside in the hammock, bundled in my cozy blanket

Observing the beautiful sky of the tropics.

Filled with bright stars and a full moon.

The peace is accompanied by the coqui frogs singing in the background.

Wishing everyday could be serene like this.

Wishing everyone could look through my eyes and admire the beauty that surrounds me. 

Puerto Rico.
Daily Prompt – Blanket