2 Month Loc Update!

Check out my 2 month loc update where I refresh my locs with a nice retwist!

2 Month Starter Loc Retwist!

Hope you enjoy! =)

Natural Hair Tag! 

Hey everyone! So Yeka tagged me to do the Natural Hair Tag post who is also the creator of the Hair Tag! Thank you for thinking of me! =)

Here are the rules:

Please it goes for all hair types.. From straight to the Coilest, kinkiest strands.

• Put the logo/image on your blog.

• List the rules.

• Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog.

• Mention the creator of the Hair Tag and link their blog.- Created by Yeka of www.myyeka.wordpress.com .

• Answer the Hair Tag Questions plus the additional question asked by your nominee

• You have to nominate 5-10 people.

• Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.

• Ask your nominees 2 questions of your choice.

 • Post your picture on Instagram and Tag 
        @De_naturelle for a repost or use the hash tag #denaturelle .

 • Reblog their Respond (optional)

–The Hair Tag Questions

1. Tell us a little about you? 
What do you do with your spare time?

In my spare time, I am an Event Assistant and I help decorate venues for a variety of events! It’s super fun and I plan on starting an event planning business of my own one day! 

I also have a dining room table that converts into a ping pong and pool table so my husband and I compete against each other! 
2. Are you a natural? How do you feel about your hair?

I am natural and I love my hair! 

3.  How long have you been natural?

Ive been Natural for about 7 years now!

4.  Why did you go natural?

I went natural because in college I was doing different hair styles and also relaxing my hair but it was so damaged and I wasn’t taking care of it. So I decided to do the big chop and start fresh without any chemicals!

5.  Was anyone against your decision? If yes, how did you surpass it?

My boyfriend(now husband) was supportive of my decision to cut my hair. My grandmother was the only one against my deciding to cut my hair.

6. What’s your hair type and How do you manage your it?

My hair type is 4C and in the nape of my neck in more of 3C.

7. How do you keep your hair moisturized and healthy?

I use Argan or Olive Oil to moisturized my hair, Shea Moisture Yucca and Plantain Strengthening line has helped nursed my hair back to health!

8. What are your goto natural hair products?
Are you a DIY fan?
Do you have hair goals?Care to share some of them?

Yucca and Plantain Shea Moisture Line, Argan oil, and Eco Styler Gel are my go to products. I am a big DIY fan! I would like my hair to grow to be thick and super healthy!

9.  How do you style your hair?

Majority of the time, I wear protective styles.

10. What’s your favorite protective hairstyle to do?

When I wear my natural hair out, I love doing the high puff! 

11. Do you use heat on your hair?, how do you prevent heat damage?

I don’t use heat.

12. Do you hairxperiment?, How crazy can you go with your hair?

I normally experiment with different extension hair styles.

12. Have you faced any challenge as a natural? 

The challenge I face is learning my own hair but I’m slowly beginning to understand what my hair likes.

13. How do you manage bad hair days?

Protective styles. 

14.  Can you share with us your thoughts on natural hair and relaxed hair?

I feel anyone can do what they want with their hair as long as they can maintain the health of their hair whether someone decides to relax their hair or leave it natural.

15. What hair rules have you sticked to as a natural?

Try to moisturizer my hair at least once a day.

16. Can you share with us some pics of you counting your Hair strands? Be creative😋

Braid and Curl Set!
The finished look: high puff with bangs!

17. Where can we find you? 

You can find me at My Blog Website or on My Instagram Page!

18 . What do you have to say to the new, upcoming and already naturals?

Being natural is a whole learning process. Don’t give up, try different things until you find what works for your strands! 

–Here are the nominees:

1. HeavensGPS

2. AnulisBlog

3. BeautyMuscleHustle

4. BrokeAssGirlTravel

5. IslandKynks

–2 Questions for the nominees:

1. Do you trim your own hair?

2. If you were ever relaxed, would you go back to being relaxed? 

My First Time At Curl Fest in NYC!

CurlFest is a festival catered to multicultural women who have all types of curls ranging from wavy, curly, and kinky textures! 

This event connects the latest curly hair products and brands to fans and influencers, and creates fun spaces for women of color to celebrate their natural beauty! 

The event was held in Prospect Park (Nethermead section) in Brooklyn and it  started at 12pm so my friend and I decided to get there an hour earlier to sort of beat the crowd… Well that was a fail! LOL When we arrived, there was a SUPER LONG LINE at least 1 mile long! I was like OMG! But we didn’t really have a choice so we waited for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before we got closer to the front of the line. 

The Super Long line! And there were at least 200 people in line behind me!
We discovered that the line we were in was to get a gift bag that had a bunch of awesome hair products. There were people who bought an “Early Bird” ticket which guaranteed them a gift bag. But general admission (my friend and I) had to wait in that super long line for a gift bag…that is if there were anymore left. 

First of all, my perception of having to wait in line was that we had to check in to the event, they would give us a wrist band of some sort, and then we’d be on our way. BUT that line was JUST to get a gift bag! And I was like WHAT! So I could’ve been enjoying myself 1 hour and 30 minutes sooner! Ahhh! I was irritated about that but once I found out we didn’t have to wait, we just went ahead into the event! 

There were SSSOOO many people at this event! I would say there were about 2,000 people that attended! Maybe more! I saw a variety of curly hair textures, creative hairstyles, and amazing outfits from both men and women! I was so amazed at the beauty of everyone surrounding me! I just felt so empowered because it made me super proud to display my natural curls! 

They had a stage where the DJ was playing some awesome jams! That was also where the panel of influencers were speaking on different topics. 

There were about 20-30 tents around the park that had smaller up and coming businesses who were selling a variety of items from unique sunglasses, pieces of art, handmade clothing, graphic t-shirts, candles, jewelry, Barbie dolls, pillows, etc!

I ended up buying a pair of funky, but stylish sunglasses! My friend, Elkema, bought a pair of sunglasses and a piece of art! 

Then there were tents that displayed different natural hair product brands like Shea Moisture, Creme Of Nature, Madam C.J. Walker, Eden Body Works, and much more! 

We decided that we were starving so we went search for the food trucks! They had soul food, thaietnamese food, Spanish food, and Caribbean food from Island Spice Grill!

Island Spice Grill is very popular in NYC because they make amazing jerk flavored food and they travel all over NYC! I’ve heard great things about their food so we decided to buy food from them! 

The downside is that ALL the food trucks had super LONG lines so we didn’t have a choice but to wait. So after about 45 minutes of waiting to get the food, I finally got to the front and they said that they didn’t have any more Jerk Chicken and didn’t have anymore rice either! NOOO! I was looking forward to that! All they had left was Lemon Pepper Brisket and Jerk Pork. I decided to get the Jerk Pork and man was it delicious! 

There’s a lot more Jerk Pork than it looks like! I was super full after eating it all!
The Jerk Pork came on a bed of leafy greens with corn on a cob and sliced bread. Yum! It was definitely worth the $15! The taste was so savory and the flavor was spicy but not to spicy where you can’t taste your food anymore! I was pleased with my meal! 

My opinion of my first time at CurlFest was that I felt that things should’ve been a little more organized especially for the amount of people that were there. There should’ve been more signage and directions to make things easier for us! I thought we would be able to get a few free samples without having to wait in a super long line.

But overall, I appreciated being surrounded by others who were proud to wear their natural curls and flaunt it beautifully! =)

Daily Prompt – Savor

DIY Moisturizing Hair Gel in 7 Easy Steps!

I decided to make my own Flaxseed gel after watching YouTube Guru, Naptural85’s tutorial! 

Benefits of Flaxseed Gel:

-Leaves hair soft, shiny, and moisturized

-Promotes hair growth

-Nourishing for the hair since flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids

-Gives curly hair great definition 

-Gives your hair a nice hold with out drying it out or leaving your hair crunchy

Mixes well with oils, conditioners, many other products

-Great for all hair types

All natural product

For this recipe, you will need:

Whole Flaxseeds (not grounded)

-Medium sized pot


-cheese cloth or panty hose

-container to store the gel 


1. Fill pot with about 2 cups of water.

2. Add in about 1/4 cup of whole flaxseeds and stir so all the seeds are in the water.

The flaxseeds beginning to boil

3. Bring pot to a boil and then stir. Let boil for about 10 minutes on medium heat.

4. When you stir, you are looking for the gel to stick to the spoon after stirring it and lifting the spoon to see the “gel trail”. 

Flaxseeds after being boiled for about 10 minutes

5. Once you have the “gel trail”, turn off heat and let gel sit for about 40 minutes – 1 hour. Mine sat for about 45 minutes. 

The Flaxseed Gel after sitting for 45 minutes

6. Put panty hose or cheese cloth over a container. Pour gel into the panty hose/cheese cloth, then squeeze out the gel into the container. Be careful because it gets messy!

Gel poured into panty hose

7. Store in a container in your refrigerator so to lengthen its shelf life.

The finished product! I used coarsely ground seeds by accident instead of whole seeds. That’s why you may see some seed particles here in the gel. But I still was able to put the gel to good use!

And that’s it! Now you have your own gel that’s moisturizing and healthy for your hair! =)


Flaxseed Gel

DIY Flaxseed Gel Tutorial

Halle Berry! Did You See Her Hair?!

Halle Berry’s hair at the Oscars seems to be the talk of the town.

The Oscars aired yesterday and I’ve been hearing via social media that Halle Berry’s new hair has been one of the stand out moments of the night.


My description of her hair: a head of full, thick, soft healthy hair. Many loose curls that are slightly touched honey blonde hues to compliment her complexion.

There seems to be both positive and negative feedback about her hairstyle.

The negative comments are comparing her hair to a bird’s nest or saying, “what is up with her hair” or “she has the most controversial hairstyle”

I truly love her hair! I am a big fan of a crown full of beautiful curls and Halle is giving me life with her hair! Simply beautiful!

People’s problem:

1.This is not the norm for her.

Halle is known for her short, straight pixie styles. She’s also worn her hair curly a few times as well. Since she is venturing from the hairstyles that she is known for, it seems like society has an issue with her changing things up a bit.

2.Her hair might be fake!

Well whether it’s fake or not, the hairstyle looks cute. There are tons of people, celebrities included, that wear extensions. The stigma of wearing extensions is that those who decide to wear them have no hair or unhealthy hair. Based on my experience, extensions are worn to experiment with different styles without altering your own hair or to make daily styling easier because your natural hair may take a long time to style when getting ready for the day.

I guarantee the folks that have something negative to say about her hair is because they are lacking in understanding with how all types of curly hair can look. Most of us are exposed to what curly hair is SUPPOSED to look like based on what the media decides to put out there. So anything that is opposing the norm may come off as being weird or questionable to some.


So with people commenting on her big, full, curly hairstyle, they are also making fun of people who are naturally born with curly hair. There’s men and women of all different ethnicities that are blessed with curly hair.


If society was properly educated on not just curly hair, but other topics that are heavily judged, we would be able to form a more understanding opinion on the topic.

So I challenge you (and myself) to educate yourselves whenever something comes off to you as being NEW, WEIRD, OR QUESTIONABLE. Doing so may help you form a better understanding and open up your mind to that world of a topic.

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