Learning A New Language As An Adult? Help! 

I’ve been wanting to learn how to speak Spanish for a while now.

I’ve taken Spanish lessons from elementary all the way up to my college years. I passed all my classes but the hardest part is having a fluent conversation in Spanish.

I would consider myself to be an advanced beginner. I can understand the Spanish language better than I can speak it.

And the crazy thing is that my husband and his family are Puerto Rican and they speak fluent Spanish/Spanglish! You would think I have the perfect opportunity to learn right?! 

I’ve only asked my hubby to practice with me because I feel more comfortable messing up a few words/phrases around him than his relatives. But when I practice with him, he speaks Spanish as if he was speaking to a native Spanish speaker!

So he’s speaking super fast and I pick up on like 40% of what he says, but I have to ask him multiple times to repeat himself since I didn’t catch everything. Then he gets tired of repeating himself, which I don’t blame him. 

But there’s gotta be another way I can learn conversational Spanish. I have Rosetta Stone that I’ve been doing inconsistently (to be honest) because I feel like the lessons are ones I’ve learned and know already. So I’m not that motivated.

I also heard the trick of listening to Spanish music which I’ve tried, but can only listen to like 3 or 4 songs before getting tired of it. I like Spanish music but I’m the type who listens to it only on occasion when I’m with my husband or his family. I won’t actively listen to a whole day of Spanish music for the fun of it. (Sorry if I offended anyone who loves Spanish music!)

I know it sounds like I have so many excuses right?! Yeah I know ugh! That’s why I need help! 

Do you have any suggestions on how I can learn conversational Spanish? 

If you’ve learned a new language as an adult, what’s your secret?! I need to know! 

Photo: Pexels.com