I’ve been living in NYC for about 4 years now. I moved here with my husband after we graduated from college. I’ve definitely learned a lot from being here in the city. For those who would love to up and move to NYC, the big apple, the city of dreams, well it ain’t easy, but I will give you a few pointers on how to SURVIVE.



It is very important to make sure that you have a good cushion of funds saved up before moving to NYC. Since this is a whole new environment, the unexpected might happen or something may cost more than you thought. So just to be safe, it’ll probably be best to save up a couple of thousand dollars to make things easier for you. If you can’t save that up, then you should try and save what you can, then plan out your spending as much as possible.

My go-to stores that have really good deals are: 99 cent stores, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. Find one of these stores near you and you will be amazed at what great deals you’ll find!

Put money aside for transportation. If you don’t drive, you will have to take the train, bus, or Metro North to get around. Or if you’re a big baller, you can just Uber it around town. And you’re last resort is to use the legs that you were blessed with and walk to your destination (depending on how far you’re willing to walk LOL).


2. J-O-B

Secure a steady flow of income by finding a job. LinkedIn is recommended to make your job search much easier. If having trouble, don’t be afraid to look into temp agencies. Asking around won’t hurt either.

With multiple copies of your well written resume, go into local facilities and kindly introduce yourself and ask if they are hiring. Just remember to look presentable when dropping by (you’ll want to set a good impression and you never know, they might ask you for an interview right then and there!) I dropped off my resume at a few places when I was looking for a permanent job (I was working with a temp agency at the time) and I got called back a few days later from one facility to set up an interview. And guess what?! That ended up being my first permanent job position! You may get a hundred No’s, but It only takes one supervisor to recognize your potential and welcome you to be a part of their team. So don’t give up.



Living in New York City can be very expensive, so depending on your budget and what you are will to spend, 3 options are to rent a room, find an apartment and if you want to cut cost, find a roommate. Almost forgot that buying a house is an option too if you have the dinero. When my husband and I were searching for an apartment, we found a few good on Zillow  and Trulia.



It’s crucial to network with the people around you. Now I’m not recommending you walk up to a stranger out of the blue and start sharing your aspirations. Talk to people that you feel comfortable having a conversation with. Maybe someone that you see regularly at the gym or at the local coffee shop. Spark up a conversation and let them know briefly that you just moved here and that you are still trying to get settled. Many times, the person you’re talking to may offer to help you. If not, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations anyway.



Explore NYC! It has so much variety of things to offer. Go for a run, talk a nice walk through the city, join a cooking class, make new friends, go to outdoor concerts/festivals, and enjoy the nightlife! There are a lot of activities that are free to participate in. Remember to have fun and enjoy every moment!

Let me know if you have any questions! If anyone has anymore tips on how to survive moving to NYC, feel free to comment below!





Good morning!

I reside in NYC and my husband and I commute together to work. This morning, we were running a little late because we had to get a few things prepared for us to be able to pick up an item after work. Then we arrived at my car and noticed that the tire needed air. I drop my husband off at the train so I have the car the rest of the day. I told him “Oh my gosh, my tire needs air! I do not want to get stranded!”. He said “relax, I’ll take care of it”. (I gave him the side eye for telling me to relax). He pulled out his portable tire inflator to try and use that so we can save time by not having to stop at a gas station! But for some reason it didn’t work! Oh no!

I drop him off at a certain time but now we’re cutting it close to that time and we didn’t even reach the highway yet! We rush over to the nearest gas station, while I keep checking the time clock in the car. He fills up the tire and we are on our way! Fast forward to dropping him off and now I’m on my way to work. Now at my job I have to clock in and I have a grace period of 6 minutes so I’m trying to beat the time and speed walk so that I can get there in time! I get to work and see that I’m within the grace period. YES! But after I signed in, the clock changed to a minute later! NO! So now I’ll be docked a whole 15 minutes late since I wasn’t a minute faster when clocking in! Ugh!

I’m realizing that a New York Minute translates to like 10 seconds because the time flies right before your eyes! GEEZ! When you want the time to go faster, it goes extra slow and when you want the time to go slower you are driving yourself crazy trying to take care of things in time!

We always try to beat time when we’re running late for whatever reason. Some of us are lucky and beat the time, then you have most times where time is just too fast for us! Haha!

Tell me, do you guys know of any tricks to keep track of time when you’re running late? Does anyone have any interesting stories about when you thought you were going to be late for something but you ended up beating the time? I would love to hear from you!