NFL Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indian Colts! 😮

So my boys (Pittsburgh Steelers) played against the Indiana Colts this past Sunday!

The beginning of the game was not going well for the Steelers! They couldn’t score for some reason! Ugh! I was feeling dubious because we weren’t putting any points on the board!

The 3rd quarter is when they started gaining some points finally! We tied the game in the 4th quarter and with seconds left, we kicked a 33 yard field goal for the win! Whew! They almost gave me a heart attack! But thank God we won!

Is anybody else a Steelers fan? If not, what NFL is your favorite?! Comment below! ⬇️

Daily Prompt – Dubious

Who Is Ready For The New NFL Season?! 

I think professional football is my favorite sport to watch! 

My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and I’ve been a fan since I was a kid being that most of my family were fans too! 

When I watch my team play, I turn into a different person! Normally I’m laid back and chill but as soon as the Steelers are playing, you can hear me yelling at the tv screen when we make a sorry move or cheering loudly when we score a touchdown! Haha! 

The Steelers will be playing the New York Giants tonight at 7pm in their first preseason game! I am definitely tuning into watch and they better deliver a win tonight! 

Are you a Steelers fan?! What’s your favorite NFL team?! 

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