Roc N Ramen

I mentioned in my Spicy Pork Ramen post that I love Asian cuisine! So many great dishes to choose from, and it’s good for your health too!

My husband loves watching Anime and in the shows, one of their normal food of choice is ramen noodles and that’s something he always wanted to try. We actually found a place in New Rochelle, NY that serves this dish!

When we arrived, we saw that they had an open kitchen where they make the food right in front of you! That was a plus because I knew the food would be fresh! They had a bar area with stools in front of the cooking area which is where we decided to sit. There was also the option to dine at regular tables within the restaurant as well.

First we ordered Chicken and Pork Gyoza for our appetizer. It was so good!

Chicken and Pork Gyoza

For our entree’s, we both ordered their Jerk Chicken Ramen and I had a Japanese Ramune soda to go along with my meal!


The ingredients included: jerk chicken, shiitake mushrooms, corn, green onions, a boiled egg, and seaweed. Ohh my gosh it was so delicious! The flavors all came together so well and it had the right amount of spiciness too!

Jerk Chicken Ramen

We definitely had a great experience dining here! The food was delicious and the staff were friendly and welcoming! We’ve been here about 3 times already and plan on going back for more! If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by and get a taste of the yummy goodness at Roc N Ramen! You won’t be disappointed!


Best French Toast I’ve Ever Had!

Back in July of 2015 I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. She is from Buffalo, NY so it was about a 7 hour drive from New York City.

This was taken after the wedding. It was such a nice day!

So the bride and all the bridesmaids spent time together with exploring the town, painting wine glasses, eating and drinking, shopping (of course!), and more eating and drinking!

There was this one restaurant that we went to for brunch called Cecelia’s Ristorante in Buffalo. Our brunch also came with bottomless mimosas so we were all feeling real good! I decided to order the Cannoli French Toast.

The dish consisted of Texas French toast, mascarpone cheese, candied pecans, topped with vanilla cinnamon syrup and powdered sugar!

The French toast was so soft but the crust had a slight crunch to it which was the perfect balance! The mascarpone cheese with the vanilla cinnamon syrup went very well together with the toast too! I was in heaven while eating this! I can just taste it as I’m writing about it!

And it’s so funny because I’m not a big fan of French toast on a regular basis (I prefer pancakes over toast). But this dish definitely made me want to try more French toast dishes in the future!