Massive NYC Snow Day!


Weather broadcasters said on Monday that New York would be experiencing a blizzard on Tuesday, March 14. There were blizzard warnings for 62 counties in New York! We were expected to get a massive amount of snow around 12-24 inches and in other areas further north, they were expecting more!

(I took these pictures from my bedroom window on Monday, March 13 around 7pm.)

Monday, March 13, temperatures were in the low to mid 30s. And the weather these past few months have been very wacky! One day it’s 30 degrees and the next day it feels like summer at 60 degrees with abundant sunshine! So when it was said that we’re supposed to have a blizzard, I was thinking that it won’t be as bad as the weather broadcasters were saying.

(These pictures were taken Tuesday, March 14 around 10am.)

On the day of the storm, it started snowing lightly. Then I started seeing sleet and freezing rain which continued for a long period of time. But oh my gosh, that wind! The wind was very strong and howling viciously! I definitely wasn’t going outside for anything! We ended up accumulating about 1 foot of snow.

Schools and the majority of businesses were closed, subways and trains weren’t running until around 6pm, and the buses weren’t running at all.

However, bridges and the tunnels were still opened. I saw a good handful of people driving in that storm as you an see in the picture above. I was thinking that they must have somewhere really important to go!


Wednesday, March 15, I had to go back to work but guess what? I ended up staying home again! You may ask why?! Well my car was completely stuck! I have to parallel park on the street and I parked on a hill facing the incline. Obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly when I decided to park on the hill, forgetting there was a blizzard in route the next day! And I was telling that I should go and shovel the snow around my car to make things easier for when I have to go to work the next day. But nope! I was too lazy and didn’t do it, and I suffered the consequences!

My husband and I spent about 2 hours trying to get the car out of the parking spot on the morning of 3/15. We shoveled around the perimeter of the car, under the car (what we could reach), and around the tires. We tried driving out of the spot with my husband pushing, we tried putting the car in reverse and then drive in a rocking motion, but that still didn’t work! Every time the car moved a little, the wheels would make slush/ice since it was compacting the snow! You could imagine how frustrated we were! We were done trying and decided we’ll come back later to try again.

After another 3 hours, more shoveling, and more pushing, we were finally able to get out of the parking spot! Hallelujah! We were so exhausted and super sore after that beast of a workout! Whew!

I definitely learned my lesson: Never park on a hill the day before a blizzard! And also to shovel out my car the day before going back to work!

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