Had To Satisfy My Craving!

I had to run a few errands this morning and had a craving for something super healthy lol.

So I found that awesome juice bar called Juices For Life and I ordered a drink called “Revive”.

It’s made of carrots, ginger, beets, and grape ginger. It was so good and had a nice bite of spice from the ginger (which is my fav!). It’s just what I needed to give me energy this morning to run around the city! =D

What do you prefer, Do you fruit smoothies or freshly made juices? Or both?!

Early Valentine’s Day Dinner!

I thought it would be a good idea to go celebrate Valentine’s Day the day before. I knew that it would be super hectic on Valentine’s Day especially living in NYC!

We decided to go to one of our favorite spots called Pizza and Brew.

We ordered the tomato bruschetta and baked stuffed clams for appetizers.

I ordered the Fussili Fantasia which comes with grilled chicken, mushrooms, roasted peppers, and fresh mozzarella!

He ordered the Sunday Sauce which was a heaping serving of pasta with meatballs beef braciole, braised short ribs and garlic bread!

Everything was amazing!

Did anyone celebrate Valentine’s Day early too! If not what are you doing to celebrate today?

Jewel Of Himalaya!

My husband and I went on a dinner date with our friends at Jewel of Himalaya which is an Indian restaurant in Yonkers.

I’ve never been here before but I heard great things about the food so I was excited to give it a try! I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan which are two of my favorites! The food was so delicious, I left the restaurant completely full and satisfied lol! The staff was very attentive, friendly, and made us feel super comfortable. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check out this restaurant!

Broadway Show in NYC!

My husband’s birthday was June 30th! So we celebrated during the whole weekend!

Friday we went bowling with family and friends at Bowlmor Bowling Alley in White Plains. Surprisingly I did pretty well since I haven’t played in a long time lol!

Saturday I surprised him and took him to see Phantom of the Opera! He’s been dying to see this showing for the longest time so he was so excited!

I’ve never seen the original Phantom of the Opera so I didn’t know what to expect. The play was pretty good! It had my attention to the whole time! Lol

We headed to BH Kitchen & Bar afterwards to get some good eats! We both ordered BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches and we devoured them! Haha!

Sunday we went to Jones Beach on Long Island with family. We arrived early because we knew it would be super crowded. Good thing we made that decision because it was pretty empty when we arrived. But as we were setting up our area on the beach, the crowd started flooding in! It was such a nice and hot day! We all got a good tan haha! I love the beach!

After the beach, we went to one of my husband’s favorite restaurants, Roc N Ramen in New Rochelle. They serve ramen noodles Japanese style which includes meats, vegetables, and more! I ordered Curried OxTail Ramen and hubby ordered BBQ Chicken Ramen. So delicious!!!

I have to say that this was a great weekend and I’m so happy my husband enjoyed himself!

Cinco De Mayo Festivities! Late Post!

Sorry for the late post!

I decided to throw a small get together at my place for Cinco De Mayo!

I made a pitcher of Margarita, loaded nachos, quesadillas, churros with cinnamon whipped cream dipping sauce, and fresh guacamole!

We also played a game called Mexican train dominoes. It’s sort of like playing regular Dominoes but a lot easier lol! Here are some pictures of the food!

What did you do for Cinco De Mayo?! Comment below!

BH Kitchen and Bar Restaurant in NYC!

My colleague told me about this place called BH Kitchen and Bar in the city. When I saw their Instagram page and saw all the delicious food that they have, I knew I just had to check this place out!

The decor is very elegant and modern but the 2 things I loved the most was that it was very spacious AND it had 2 levels! How awesome is that!

We ordered chicken sliders as an appetizer which came with 3 sliders that came with lettuce, creamy sauce, and blue cheese!

My husband ordered chicken and waffles and I was able to grab a bite before he ate it all! LOL

I asked our waiter, Camilo, what burger would he recommend and his first recommendation was the BH Burger but said the Maytag Blue Burger is a great option too. I ended up going with the BH Burger and had a side of Sweet Potato Fries! My burger was very moist and it tasted amazing! The fries were pretty good too!

I’m already planning my next visit here LOL! But if you’re ever in the area, I’d definitely recommend checking this place out! Im sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! 😊

Today’s Lunch! 

Chickpea (same as garbonzo beans) salad with scallions, green peppers, celery, red onions, cucumbers over a bed of fresh spinach with Balsamic vinagerette dressing! 

I seasoned the chickpeas with garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and cayenne pepper.

It was a bit spicy, flavorful, fresh, and delicious! 

What did you have for lunch today? 

Good Eats In Hell’s Kitchen NYC! 😋

My husband and I spend the all day Saturday in the city with our friends. Here are all the restaurants that we went to!


Thai chicken wrap, meat ball sub, and garlic pasta!


Above: We stopped by Halal guys food truck to get some yummy chicken over rice with the white sauce and a side of veggies! Yum!


Frozen yogurts! My favorite flavor was raspberry mojito! So tasty!

This Is The Only NYC Summer Festival You Need To Attend! Ozy Fest 2017!

Ozy Fest, the outdoor interactive festival hosted by digital news magazine, Ozy, will be returning to Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield for the second time in Saturday, July 22! With a mix between South by Southwest and Coachella, the all day party is filled with live music, comedy, provocative panels, and a culinary program designed by celebrity chef Eddie Huang. There’s also an area to pick up food, drinks, and apparel!

Aiming to bring journalists, comedians, musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, and chefs all under one (outdoor) roof, the event will feature performances by Jason Derulo, Zara Larsson, Samantha Bee, Issa Re, RuPaul, and Talib Kweli on the main stage!

Debates and panels will be led by hosts including Katie Couric, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Malcom Gladwell, Adam Grant, Van Jones, Grover Norquist, Von Miller, Whitney Wolfe, Michael Moe, and more! 

The event runs from 12pm-10pm (doors open at 11:30am) on Saturday, and general admission tickets can be purchased on Ticketfly starting at $50!