5 NYC Neighborhoods Worth A Visit For The Food!


What to go for: Greek food and a little bit of everything else!

Queens is New York City’s most ethnically diverse borough and Astoria’s food scene is a great exemplar of that! The neighborhood was primarily a Greek food destination so you’ll find classic spots like Telly’s Taverna and Artopolis Bakery crowded with locals and visitors alike looking for real-deal spanakopita and lemon soaked grilled octopus! 

You’ll also find savory Brazilian pastries, (Pao de Queijo), deeply flavored bowls of pho District Saigon, a colorful spot for housing sweet, Spicy bot noodles, Pye Boat Noodle, and one of the city’s best grilled cheese sandwiches (Queens Kickshaw). It’s he ideal neighborhood for spending a day sampling a bit of everything! 


What to go for: Eastern European and classic waterfront spots!

Sheepshead Bay is where you go when you want a quiet meal with a view, without the obnoxious crowds (and prices) of Manhattan/Williamsburg rooftops and patios. Numerous spots offer affordable waterfront meals, including classic bay view restaurants Il Fornetto and Randazzo’s Clam Bar, which we’ve Quality thin crust pizzas and fresh seafood! 

The neighborhood is also home to New York’s only Armenian Bakery, Brooklyn Bread House, and the boisterous ever welcoming Russian/Uzbek restaurant, Nargis Cafe. When it’s nice out you can take a quick walk or bike ride to Brighton Beach, and stop by Sheepshead Bay Institution Roll-n-Roaster on the way for a classic roast beef sandwich! 


What to go for: ambitious restaurants with cool vibes!

Fewer outer borough neighborhoods offer as many restaurants combining big outstanding food and great vibes as Long Island City! Famed Canadian chef and meat aficionado Hughes Dufour has both of his restaurants, M. Wells Steakhouse and M. Wells Dinette, in the neighborhood. 

The always packed Mu Ramen is known for some of the best (and most ambitious) bowls of ramen in the city! Plenty of other lievely places are worth centering a night around — like Casa Enrique (the only Michelin-rated Mexican restaurant in NYC) with its modern cantina Vibes, or Jora, for bold and bright Peruvian! 


What to go for: Red sauce pasta and deli sandwiches from NYC’s real Little Italy!

You maybhubj Little Italy is only in Downtown Manhattan — but these days, that’s mostly just a tourist trap. For the real thing, head uptown to Belmont, home to Arthur avenue, the most iconic stretch of Italian eateries in New York. Make sure you stop by Calabria Pork Store, where fiery soppressata hangs like birthday decorations from the ceiling, then onto Casa Della Mozzarella for slabs of fresh cheese! 

For lunch, the move is always Mike’s Deli where you’re getting an Italian Combo, a gargantuan sandwich featuring a smattering of Mike’s famous house made deli meats. Finally a trip to Arthur Avebue wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the neighborhood’s classic red-sauce joints. Tra Di Noi is known for its excellent and unusual pasta specials (like fusilli with favs beans) and stellar cheesecake, and Emilia’s for impressively large plates of Chicken Parm in a picturesque outdoor patio! 


What to go for: Authentic Sri Lankan food!

When it comes to eating on Staten Island, the borough’s true destination cuisine is Sri Lankan — the best of which can be found in Tompkinsvikke. Take the free Staten Island Ferry and atroll 15 minutes south of the St. George droop-off point. You’ll find yourself among rows of Sri Lankan Restaurants, each with its own specialty. 

For traditional hoppers (crispy, stringy, bowl shaped pancakes) head to San Rasa, which offers a dainty but hearty version accompanied by a rich fish curry for dipping or Dosa Garden which is an “Indo Lankan” spot where the hoppers are served as they would be in South India, with an assortment of coconut and tomato chutneys. 

Ceylon Curry has an entire menu of lamprais which is a signature Sri Lankan dish. Rice, onion relish, plaintains, and your choice of meat are wrapped tightly in a banana leaf, baked, then unfolded to reveal a fragrant curry and pillow soft rice!

6 Best Cheap Eats In NYC!

($) 1. SHAKE SHACK  Upper Westside

Shake Shack continues to be one of the most popular post museum pit stops for its nostalgic beef patties, crinkle fries, and frozen custard! 

($$) 2. GOTHAM WEST MARKET – Hell’s Kitchen 

The building that houses this ground floor food hall may be of the luxury variety, but the all-star eats inside are wallet-friendly. Try Seamus Mullen’s shareable tapas, including a classic egg tortilla ($6) or an Italian spicy hoagie ($14)! 

($) 3. THE AREPA LADY – Queens

Colombia-born Maria Cano has amassed a devoted following from her sizzling, buttery corn cakes with a crunchy too and an oozing queso center! Her sweet and savory pockets of cheese, along with chorizo drizzled in garlic sauce and shish kabobs with grilled potatoes, are perfect for any affordable meal on the go! 

($) 4. LOS TACOS NO. 1 – Chelsea

Hand pressed corn tortilla arrive popping hot, dressed with spit-roasted adobada Pork and sweet pineapple batons ($3.50) or succulent, charred carne asafe and creamy guacamole ($3.75). You can also munch in nopal plates (cactus, beans and cheese for $6) and thirst quenching agua fees as ($3.75)!

($) 5. EL REY LUNCHEONETTE – Lower East Side

Nicholas Morgebsterb transformed the former El Rey cafe bar into this modern lunch counter, where he served California coast-inspired bites like avocado del due with chimichurri sauce ($8) and a Farris-filled grain bowl ($13). Grab a kale sale with almond dressing ($10) or a Japanese-style honey toast ($7) while you wait for the barista to prep your Mexican mocha iced coffee ($3.75), spiced with chili flakes  and called with sweetened condensed milk! 

 ($) 6. PAPAYA KING – Upper East Side

The King is the original, Upper East Side mainstay since the 1930s! Amidst the multicolored tiles and neon signs, find hickory-smoked hot dogs and milky papaya juice in a variety of combinations: The $5.44 “original” consists of two franks crowned with kraut, onions or relish along with a 16 oz drink! Or you could try the “Grand Slam” which gets you two specialty dogs (chili and cheddar, coleslaw and pickle), a papaya drink and curly fries for $11.97.

Photos: Pexels.com