All About My Plants!

Lately I’ve been growing a green thumb and I love every bit of it!

I have 2 Pothos, Croton, Palm, Lucky Bamboo, Aloe, and Oregano!

–The Pothos plants are the easiest to grow and keep alive! Pothos Plant Care

–I like the Croton because if it’s colorful leaves! The more light they receive, the brighter their leaves can get! Croton Plant Care

–My coworker gifted me a Palm Plant which I love! The leaves are so beautiful and reminds me of summer! Palm Plant Care

–My friend gifted my husband and I a Lucky Bamboo Plant! It’s small right now but I can’t wait for it to grow so I can repot! Lucky Bamboo Care

–I’ve had my Aloe Plant for a while and I love it because it’s said to improve the air quality. I’ve also used it on my hair and skin and it does wonders! Aloe Plant Care

–My Aunt is a botanist and she gave me Oregano and it has been growing nice and strong! I love it! I haven’t used it in any meals yet but I plan to! Growing Oregano In Water

My plants bring me so much happiness especially when I see them growing little by little! Eventually my home will turn into a little jungle! Haha!

Do you have a plant collection or do you want to start one?! Comment below!