Favorite Irish Pub Restaurant in NYC! 

One of my favorite restaurants that I’ve been to since living in NYC is:

Burke’s Restaurant and Bar!

The staff are super nice and friendly! The restaurant welcomes all people from all ages and backgrounds!

The restaurant has a fun atomesphere whether you’re there with your family enjoying dinner or you’re there with your boys watching the UFC fights! 

They have a live band perform on certain nights, free burger nights, deals on drinks, and birthday specials too! 

My husband is a big fan of beer and I threw him a surprise birthday last year here and reserved the Personal Draft Table!

This Draft Table offers you 2 choices of unlimited beer that you can have all for you and your friends! 

I recently went here earlier this week to celebrate my brother in law’s birthday! 

My beer of choice for the night was Shock Top! This is one of my favorite beers because I love the hint of citrus! 

I decided I wanted to order a nice juicy burger with yummy fries! It was delicious! 

It’s always a good time when I dine here! If you’re in the Yonkers area looking for some good food, great entertainment, and a great atomesphere, come over to Burkes! 

Max Brenner – Calling All Chocolate Lovers in NYC 

I first heard about this place from my coworkers who were raving about this restaurant that is known for its chocolatey desserts! So they really persuaded me to go to this oh so famous Max Brenner Restaurant because I mean we all love a good satisfying chocolate dessert right?! (well, most of us LOL!)
My husband and I went to the city to check the place out. When we got there, it was super crowded! It was very popular. We didn’t have a reservation, so we waited for like 20-30mins before we were seated (but that was expected since it was a Saturday, in the summer, in one of the most popular cities).

They had a bar towards the front of the restaurant, 2 floors where you can be seated and enjoy your meal, and the design and style of the restaurant is pretty fun and interesting! You’re surrounded by anything and everything involving chocolate!

You can walk in and just buy chocolate desserts if you choose not to eat there. MB (Max Brenner) also has a chocolate shop where you can buy a variety of anything chocolate along with their signature cups/towers that they present your drink or sauce in at the restaurant.

At Max Brenner, there is a wide variety of chocolate treats from pastries, milkshakes, hot chocolate hug mugs, chocolate shots, waffles, crepes, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and even chocolate pizza!

One thing I found interesting that I saw that people ordered were the Chocolate Fondue Towers! You are provided with a mini grill to roast your treats and then dip into the gooey goodness of chocolate sauce! The next time I go back, I will be getting this Fondue Tower!

MB also has regular food too! Burger, fries, salmon, pasta, mac n cheese, pizza along with beer, wine, and cocktails! (This is making me hungry just writing about it! YUM!)

I ordered the Brenner Burger with waffle fries paired with a nice tall Halva Milkshake! My husband ordered some type of sandwich (I don’t remember) and a nice tall beer! The burger and fries were pretty good, but that Halva Milkshake was so delicious!!! (as you can tell by the empty cup pictured above) It was so rich with flavor but the chocolate flavor was not overpowering at all! We enjoyed our experience there and will be going back sometime soon!

When you get a chance, try stopping in to Max Brenner to enjoy a nice meal and a bunch of awesome chocolate treats!

If you’ve been there before, let me know how your experience went!

Max Brenner