How To Make Time For Self Care No Matter How Busy You Are! Self Care Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs!

Do you have a super busy schedule and feel like you don’t have any time for yourself no matter what you do?!

Don’t worry because below are a few suggestions that can help you balance your full schedule with having quality time for self care!

I’ve collaborated with some of my favorite entrepreneurs and working moms who will provide great advice on how they fit in self care into their super busy schedules! Check it out!


Hey there! I’m Ley, freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger. I work on my blog quite often which can be found here: I also have an Instagram (iammingley) and a makeup business Facebook profile (iammingleymua).

My days can get pretty hectic having to accommodate my clients, completing blog entries, and traveling. I don’t spend a lot of time at home, I’m always on the go. I travel at least three days a week for work and I’m always attending events. That alone hasn’t really given me much time for myself. At one point that didn’t bother me at all, but recently I felt as though that needed to change. So now no matter where I am I make sure to take out time for myself because self care is extremely important!

When it comes to self care I try to do AT LEAST one thing a day to contribute. I get so busy that I forget things so I set daily reminders for whatever it may be that I’d like to do for myself that particular day. Everyday is different for me so depending on how much time I have for self care will determine what I do.

Here are a few things that I do for self care:

– soothing in home facial with relaxing music

– calming eucalyptus bubble bath with an aromatic tea

– massage

– travel somewhere alone to relax and get away from stress

And much more!


Life with 3 kiddos and ALL of their extra curricular activities, a full-time job, and a budding photography business SnapShotsByShanna can be exhausting! Finding time to just be me, not mommy, wife, or Mrs. Shanna, is difficult; but it’s getting easier.

For one, scheduling activities that I enjoy has helped tremendously! This makes it an obligation and I’m less likely to find reasons not to do them. Once these activities become a part of your regular routine, you won’t have to think about squeezing them into your schedule because they’ll already be a part of it!

Yoga, working out at the gym, and reading is what gets me through the week without losing my mind! Also, taking 30 minutes to an hour at the end of everyday to unwind and just BE is priceless. I love using this time to catch up on my favorite T.V. shows, take an extra long shower or bath, or simply just scroll through social media websites.


Wife. Mom. Student. Full-Time Worker. Business Owner. Content Creator. These are among the many positions I currently hold. Often times, I have friends that ask, how do you do it all? How do you manage and still find time for yourself? It’s simple, but sometimes not so simple … Self-care! I might not be able to take time for myself everyday or a few times out of the week, but the point is I still get it done even if it’s taking a moment to myself in the bathroom while my children are screaming to the top of their lungs. Praying, reading, going out to brunch with a friend, going for a walk, getting a quick 30-minute run to the store all help in aiding me with self-care.

With me currently working in the mental health field and also studying in the field of social work, Self-care is a topic that is often visited and heavily discussed.  It is very easy to get burnt out in these areas, however being able to balance whatever tasks or jobs you may have in front of you will assist you in the future in being able to better prepare and better manage your tasks.

Currently majority of my time is spent most importantly with my family, which is something that I truly value. Secondly, I have been spending a lot of time rebranding my makeup artistry business and also gearing up for the launch of my Eyelash business that will soon come Mid-March/April timeframe. Not to mention, being a student takes a lot of time by itself, having to study, complete projects, take exams! However, my calendar is my best friend and helps me with time management A LOT! If you’re someone who struggles with time management, I would strongly suggest investing in a calendar, post-it notes, and a good highlighter!

When it comes to entrepreneurship, these two areas are where I have been spending the most time as of lately. It is definitely not easy being able to juggle all that is on my plate, however with the help of my calendar and taking things day-by-day allows me to have a peace of mind. I always try to encourage the next person, who might look at my situation and wonder, how on earth ….. to follow your dreams, however on the way to meeting your goals/dreams…. make certain you remember to take “breathers” along the way and to always partake in self-care to avoid burn out! Remember, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!”

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As you can see, these successful women have very busy lives but still manage to find time for self care! If you’re someone who struggles to make time for yourself, then try out some of their tips and see if it works for you! Thanks for reading!

Fun And Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples!

Valentine’s Day is approaching very soon! Do you know what romantic gift you’re going to buy for your special someone?! Have you planned an exciting getaway?!

If you’re still wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day, check out how these entrepreneurs have experienced Valentine’s Day throughout the years in their relationships and what they actually plan on doing this year! Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to enjoy this romantic holiday! Also they’ve shared some background about their blog, websites, and current projects they’re working on! Check it out! 😊


Since becoming an adult, Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays that I forget about until it’s near. I remember when I was younger, Valentine’s Day was a big deal. I remember getting teddy bears and candy in high school and thinking those were the sweeeeetest gestures! Even in college, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I would go all out for each other. Extravagant gifts, chocolate, cards, the whole nine. I miss those carefree days sometimes!

Now that I am an adult, with bills lol, Valentine’s Day is not as important as it used to be. I don’t even think my husband and I celebrated last year because we closed on our house 3 days later. We were so busy with preparing for that, it kinda got forgotten about. This Valentine’s Day, I think we’re just going to go out to dinner and enjoy each other’s company. We will probably get each other small gifts or maybe chocolate. I hope he gets me an edible arrangement *hint hint*.

My husband and I spend a lot of time together. However, our jobs get in the way of that. So over the years, I have started to appreciate time spent more than gifts. I can honestly say that I am excited about going to dinner with my husband in the middle of the week. I will probably go the extra mile and get dolled up. It’s the little things that matter! Maybe I will make more of an effort for us to have outings during the week. Time is so precious and I want to make sure that I am making the most out of it! To all those reading, enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Remember the gifts aren’t important, embrace the moment!

WritefullySoBrittany is my blog where I share stories about life, love, and natural hair! I also have a YouTube channel all about natural hair & styling, advice videos, and a few challenges! WritefullySoBrittany


Talk City To Me

Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year, when both me and my husband get out of work late. So we will celebrate on Saturday by going to Le Boudoir – quiet sensual speakeasy bar in Brooklyn at 135 Atlantic Ave. I can’t think of a better place for a cocktail date. Check their social media for live music events.

Talk City To Me instagram page is to inspire New Yorkers to see more and do more in the city to get the most out of living here and not let our city tax go to waste 😅.

Photographed: me enjoying champagne at Le Boudoir.”

Donnie G – HusbandsandFathers

My wife and I have been together for almost 11 years, and we have been married 9 of those years! Early on in our relationship Valentine’s Day was a huge deal but now not so much. As we got older and wiser we started to realize we were wasting money on Valentine’s Day because everything “love themed” seemed to be priced a little higher than usual times. Now we have a new way to Valentine’s Day.

We prefer to spend Valentine’s Day at home watching movies or relaxing away from all the busyness the day brings. We don’t even exchange gifts unless they are inexpensive or homemade. Our ultimate goal is to treat each other like everyday is a Valentine’s day of sorts. I don’t want a day to tell me I should show my spouse love and pamper her because sadly this is the only day all year some guys attempt to be “romantic.” I hope to show my gratitude for my spouse every single day, and give her my whole heart not just candy ones!

On my website, I talk about the importance of being strong and courageous husbands and fathers. I do this in hopes of helping men have a better understanding of how to pray, protect, and provide for our families. Aiming to become better servants for the sake of the ones we love dearly! BetterHusbandAndFather Website

Husband And Father’s Instagram

Candidly Kami

Because my wife and I live in NY City I prefer to book a hotel room a few hours outside of the city to escape the chaos for a weekend. While away from the city I plan things for my wife and I to do, like going to the movies, out to small diners within the town or just lounge in a local park on what we call a “car date”. Most times we end up just lying in the hotel room for days just enjoying the silence and each other’s company. Of course I do the normal things like buy her flowers, chocolates and bears but we’ve been together for so long every year gets a little more intricate to plan. For our first married Valentine’s Day, I have a few tricks up my sleeve! Some things my wife specifically asked for and other things that I feel she deserves for working so hard. I also have backup plans in case the weather decides to intrude on those plans! This Valentine’s Day will definitely be one to remember.

Candidly Kami is a photography business I started about a year ago. I initially started taking photographs as a hobby and in that I discovered I have a passion for it, so with the encouragement of family and friends I decided to make a business out of it.

My focus at the moment is street photography and building my brand through attending events and bringing my camera, literally, whenever and wherever I can. Since starting this business I have received an Associate’s degree in technical photography and I am enrolling in classes to better learn and perfect my craft.

Over the past year, I have shot birthday parties for friends, photoshoots, and other family functions. In the upcoming months, I plan to do a wedding, develop more creative ways to use my camera and, overall better my craft while building my brand. You can follow my Instagram page Candidly Kami, and my business page on Facebook.

Something LIghT

I will always prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my wife. That’s all I need. When she graduated from the same university I attended a year before me, we had to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a distance and that was incredibly hard. Something about celebrating our love and being so far apart was heartbreaking. Valentine’s Day is about appreciation and I think on this particular day, I’m just a little more grateful than I am any other day. I enjoy being in her presence; she is a radiant person and if I can absorb just a little bit of that radiance for myself I am satisfied.

While I’m also a wife, I just launched a podcast called “Something LIghT”, which anyone can follow Something Light Podcast. It was never something I planned to do or even had an interest in, but I have a wonderful co-host/friend who supported a direction I didn’t even know I was moving in. What I want people to take from my episodes is the energy. You don’t have to agree with my viewpoints, who I am or what I stand for but if you take some of that positive, loud energy and find the strength to keep growing as a person and trusting your process, I’m okay with that. Ani C. the host is a personality and while everything I am saying is facts, I’m still trusting my process too. I also have a blog called Hidden Sugah , which people can follow as well!


Here Are A Few Other Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

-Order a bouquet of lovely flowers! 1800 Flowers

-Gift baskets full of goodies! Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

-Great ideas for gifts for men! Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

-Chocolate covered fruits and other treats! Click the link for all your options. Edible Arrangements Treats

-Don’t forget to check Groupon as well for great deals on restaurants and other special treats! Groupon Deals

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