Relax My Thoughts!

I have so many goals that I am trying accomplish! I’ve been very preoccupied with doing what I can to achieve them. 

But I’ve noticed that my thoughts have always been “on the go” As soon as I wake up, I’m thinking about strategies on how to get closer to achieve a certain goal and this happens throughout the day. Whew! It is mentally exhausting at times!

I’m realizing that I just need to relax my thoughts and stop being “on the go” all the time! I just have to do better with my time management and stop letting my goals consume my life! My thoughts need to be in solitude so I stop driving myself crazy at times! LOL

So I’m working on organizing my goals and thoughts, so that I can actually enjoy my morning and enjoy the little things that I miss throughout the day!

Do any of you have a problem with your thoughts consuming you sometimes?  

Daily Prompt – Solitary