I Thought I Was Right…

My eyes were clouded before.

Now they are open and aware.

I thought I was right about them.

You don’t know someone until you see all of their emotions.

And their true colors were finally shown.

Knowing this new information,

I can move forward untethered now that the truth is out. 

They can be treated accordingly 

and I can somehow try to find peace. 

Daily Prompt – Tether

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Too High Of An Expectation…

Why did you do that?

You left in a dash so bluntly!

Without any notification.

Maybe because of too high of an expectation.

Not sure of the reason for avoiding an explanation.

This puts me in a position of shock…indifference…hesitation. 

Will things ever be the same between us?

Will we be able to get pass this?

Time heals all wounds right? 

Or is time not even a factor at this point?

Who knows… 
Daily Prompt – Dash

Abstract Truth

Surrounded by those who admire him,

They admire his energy, his charm, his wittiness, his humor…

But they are only seeing his surface, the front that he displays.

Will they ever get to know his abstract truth?

His inner thoughts, his true feelings, his real interests? If they knew of this, would they still be present? Would they still engage?

He remains surrounded by those who are fascinated by the perception he portrays.

Afraid to show his true beautiful colors, his truth remains hidden.

Daily Prompt – Abstract

Music – My Center, Our Center

Music… the center of our world.

Tunes that bring us back to our center when we’re joyful.

Harmonies of musical notes that comfort us when we’re downhearted.

Various pitches capturing our center when we’re focused.

Music, one of the greatest formations… so complex, yet so simple. Brings us to center.

By: Brittany Santiago

Daily Prompt – Center

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