My First Time At Curl Fest in NYC!

CurlFest is a festival catered to multicultural women who have all types of curls ranging from wavy, curly, and kinky textures! 

This event connects the latest curly hair products and brands to fans and influencers, and creates fun spaces for women of color to celebrate their natural beauty! 

The event was held in Prospect Park (Nethermead section) in Brooklyn and it  started at 12pm so my friend and I decided to get there an hour earlier to sort of beat the crowd… Well that was a fail! LOL When we arrived, there was a SUPER LONG LINE at least 1 mile long! I was like OMG! But we didn’t really have a choice so we waited for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before we got closer to the front of the line. 

The Super Long line! And there were at least 200 people in line behind me!
We discovered that the line we were in was to get a gift bag that had a bunch of awesome hair products. There were people who bought an “Early Bird” ticket which guaranteed them a gift bag. But general admission (my friend and I) had to wait in that super long line for a gift bag…that is if there were anymore left. 

First of all, my perception of having to wait in line was that we had to check in to the event, they would give us a wrist band of some sort, and then we’d be on our way. BUT that line was JUST to get a gift bag! And I was like WHAT! So I could’ve been enjoying myself 1 hour and 30 minutes sooner! Ahhh! I was irritated about that but once I found out we didn’t have to wait, we just went ahead into the event! 

There were SSSOOO many people at this event! I would say there were about 2,000 people that attended! Maybe more! I saw a variety of curly hair textures, creative hairstyles, and amazing outfits from both men and women! I was so amazed at the beauty of everyone surrounding me! I just felt so empowered because it made me super proud to display my natural curls! 

They had a stage where the DJ was playing some awesome jams! That was also where the panel of influencers were speaking on different topics. 

There were about 20-30 tents around the park that had smaller up and coming businesses who were selling a variety of items from unique sunglasses, pieces of art, handmade clothing, graphic t-shirts, candles, jewelry, Barbie dolls, pillows, etc!

I ended up buying a pair of funky, but stylish sunglasses! My friend, Elkema, bought a pair of sunglasses and a piece of art! 

Then there were tents that displayed different natural hair product brands like Shea Moisture, Creme Of Nature, Madam C.J. Walker, Eden Body Works, and much more! 

We decided that we were starving so we went search for the food trucks! They had soul food, thaietnamese food, Spanish food, and Caribbean food from Island Spice Grill!

Island Spice Grill is very popular in NYC because they make amazing jerk flavored food and they travel all over NYC! I’ve heard great things about their food so we decided to buy food from them! 

The downside is that ALL the food trucks had super LONG lines so we didn’t have a choice but to wait. So after about 45 minutes of waiting to get the food, I finally got to the front and they said that they didn’t have any more Jerk Chicken and didn’t have anymore rice either! NOOO! I was looking forward to that! All they had left was Lemon Pepper Brisket and Jerk Pork. I decided to get the Jerk Pork and man was it delicious! 

There’s a lot more Jerk Pork than it looks like! I was super full after eating it all!
The Jerk Pork came on a bed of leafy greens with corn on a cob and sliced bread. Yum! It was definitely worth the $15! The taste was so savory and the flavor was spicy but not to spicy where you can’t taste your food anymore! I was pleased with my meal! 

My opinion of my first time at CurlFest was that I felt that things should’ve been a little more organized especially for the amount of people that were there. There should’ve been more signage and directions to make things easier for us! I thought we would be able to get a few free samples without having to wait in a super long line.

But overall, I appreciated being surrounded by others who were proud to wear their natural curls and flaunt it beautifully! =)

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